Oct, 2017     

Product Line Expansion for Home Appliances Player

To understand consumer preferences before extending their product line for an Indian MNC with annual revenue in excess of USD 1 Billion. To assess what product lines should be expanded aggressively and which consumer segments to be targeted. To understand the real needs and preferences of targeted consumer segments and what the positioning of the new products should be.

We created a robust framework to understand the underlying market drivers and identify key market expansion initiatives. And conducted detailed primary and secondary research to identify high growth product segments in the electrical home appliance market. We also conducted extensive primary research covering 6 major cities and 750 retailers to understand the real needs & preferences of the consumer segments to ascertain the positioning of the products.

We identified key focus segments in the domestic market for the client. And provided actionable insights on positioning of new products based on consumer needs and preferences which were implemented by the client.