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In 2017 the internet sector has evolved with a clear value proposition in consumers mindset


There are sectors which are showing clear signs of growing to large potential but can still be driven by discounting, followed by sectors which have proven value and might not be driven by heavy discounting, then there are emerging sectors which are in nascent stages but can potentially grow large, and finally the sectors which are matured and might not show exceptional growth from here.


                                     Value proposition of Indian consumer internet sectors, UoM 

                                                        (market size vs. Online penetration)

There is a massive headroom for Indian internet demography to become active transacting user


Overall India has a huge consumer internet growth opportunity with just currently 10% of the people who have online access buying consumer internet services online. We feel consumers who currently use banking services and wallets are the low hanging fruits for the consumer internet players. If the players can overcome the trust and other barriers faced by the consumers there is a great growth story awaiting them.


                                                   Internet Usage Evolution Funnel- India
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