Jun, 2018     

E-logistics Market Updates-June’18

Majority of the shipments in e-tailing come from fashion, FMCG and electronics and we expect this trend to continue

Th e-tailing shipments is largely dominated by Fashion category followed by FMCG and electronics. While Fashion will continue to be a shipment leader, we estimate that by 2020, FMCG will grow significantly as a segment resulting in a higher share of shipments.

There is a large opportunity in the long tail for 3PL players as top 2 e-tailers are captive heavy

The E-tailing giants FK and Amazon are further looking to increase their investments to control the consumer experience and reduce their dependency on 3PL players. The 3PL players hence need to focus on the long tail and non e-tailing shipments to drive their growth plans.

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