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E-tailing Market Updates-Feb’18

E-tailing GMV growth is driven by strong growth of mobile category

The e-tailing GMV is driven by the strong performance of mobile and electronics which has seen a 45-50% increase from last year. Although FMCG has seen the highest growth, they contribute just 6% to the overall GMV of the industry. We feel going forward electronics would be the category driving growth for the industry.

GMV growth Etailing India

Tier-II+ cities is expected to have 50 Mn+ online shoppers in 2018

The e-tailing industry is currently witnessing Tier II+ cities as the fastest growing market. The industry added 10 Mn shoppers in 2017, expected to add 19 Mn more in 2018. Followed by Tier I cities which added 3 Mn shoppers in 2017, expected to add 4 Mn more in 2018.

Unique shoppers in tier 2 cities Etailing India

30 sale days contributed ~30% of the annual GMV in 2017

The Indian e-tailing industry is flat-out sale driven. Sale days are just 10% of the year and account for ~30% of the annual GMV. We saw an increase of ~30% in the average order value and ~200% in the number of daily transactions during this period. Sale days work as a good anchor to bring new customers to the platform and inculcate the habit of buying online.

Etailing India GMV sale vs Non-sale

The industry touches ~ USD 20 bn in OND-17

The e-tailing industry had a very positive OND-quarter with the GMV touching nearly USD 20 Bn, primarily driven by the increase in the number of shoppers from T2+ cities. Going forward we feel that these new shoppers who have found value in online shopping will continue to shop online and more new users who have come online powered by Jio will adopt online shopping.


                                                       E-tailing Q-o-Q Annualized GMV (USD bn)

Etailing annual GMV

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