Feb, 2018     

Food-tech Market Updates-Feb’18

Top 3 cities see an increase of more than 80% in order volume from last year

The top three cities of food-tech industry see an increase of more than 80% from OND-16 to OND-17. This is due to the rapid increase in the adoption of the service which both consumer and partners are able to see value in.

Daily order volume food-tech India

Will food-tech industry continue to make margins in 2018?

The Indian food-tech industry has seen a tremendous growth from 2016 to 2017, with the daily order volume increasing from 200K to 450K. The unit economics for the industry had just begun to make sense with the operating margins currently around 7%. Now with both Ola and Uber entering the play, we feel the unit economics will be influenced as both these firms would resort to heavy discounting for increasing adoption.


Increase in daily order volume food-tech India

The Industry sees daily order volume rise to 460K in OND-17

The food-tech industry continued the 15% Q-o-Q growth in OND-17; with the players expanding to T1 cities like Ahmedabad and Chandigarh and ramping up their marketing initiatives. Now with OLA and Uber entering the space we expect some kind of price war to kick-in and further increase the daily order volume.

                                                                  Daily Order Volume (‘000)

Daily order volume food-tech India

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