Jan, 2018     

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Food-tech will be ruled by the players with high-quality captive delivery players


It is becoming increasingly clear that food tech is more and more of a logistics play, restaurant discovery is not a deep competitive advantage. There are clear trends in customer and seller satisfaction supported by the better delivery speed and compliance that vouch for the superiority of the captive delivery model in Indian market.


                                      Self Fleet vs Partner fleet used by Online Food Aggregators

Restaurant powered delivery is giving way to 3PL and platform owned logistics


On-time delivery of the order is one of the major expectations of the customers from the online food delivery players. Deliveries fulfilled by restaurants have lower delivery compliance as compared to those fulfilled by the own fleet/3PL partner.


                                             Share of Order Deliveries: Restaurant vs. Own/3PL

The leading online food-delivery player provides a significantly superior experience to partner restaurants – especially on the aspects that matter most.


When restaurant partners work with online food platforms, they have especially high expectations for business growth and payment settlement experience. RedSeer research shows that the best performing food delivery platforms in the sector are able to perform very highly on precisely these critical partner experience parameters, amongst others.


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