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E-pharmacy market is expected to reach INR 1000-1200 cr. by FY 2020


The e-pharmacy market is expected to reach INR 1000-1200 cr. by 2020. We believe the major drivers of this growth would be rising smartphone penetration, changing consumer lifestyle, increasing spend on healthcare and change in consumer mind-set from ‘reactionary’ approach to ‘preventive’ approach.


                                                               E-pharmacy Market Size

E-pharmacy market size

Despite regulatory hurdles, the ePharmacy market has been growing rapidly for the last four years


The ePharmacy market in India is thriving with players aggressively expanding and innovating to drive mass adoption of these services. However, industry needs to solve its unique challenges e.g. the high cases of order loss by platforms due to prescription errors (>12%) to attain the next level of growth.


E-pharmacy market size
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