Jan, 2018     

Hotel Aggregators Newsletter

Hotel Aggregators Stories:

Compared to other global tourist hubs, Metros in India have a much lower online % of budget hotel bookings – indicating the high growth potential


In spite of the rapid recent growth, the online hotels market in India continues to remain underpenetrated compared to other leading tourist capitals in Asia/Europe. This indicates the still strong potential for online hotel platforms to digitize both supply and demand so that unorganized hotels in India can fully unlock the value of their inventory.


Hotel aggregators continue to see strong ROI from investing in digital marketing and online review platforms


Social media sources continue to grow in importance as a source of awareness for hotel aggregators, with nearly 3/4th of all customer reporting becoming aware of such channels. Even more crucially, customer reviews now account for influencing ~40% of booking decisions of these hotel platforms- pointing to the success of hoteliers past investments in these areas and also indicating a clear need to continue to invest and innovate on these aspects.


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