Feb, 2018     

Hotel-tech Market Updates-Feb’18

The Hotel-tech players are able to have a significant impact on the partner hotels

The partner hotels see a fall in average room rates by 10% after partnering with the hotel aggregators but an increase in the occupancy from 23% to 38%. The overall of impact is such that the players are able to deliver a 50% additional value in terms of the revenues. Hotel-tech is thus a market with the scope of making money.

Impact of Hotel Aggregator on hotel partners

Hotel-tech industry sees a 55% increase in GBV in OND-17

The hotel-tech industry saw a 55% increase in the GBV riding on the holiday season. Players which were present in the holiday destinations witnessed much better occupancies. Also with the industry moving towards full-inventory model the players were able to get much better share of the overall booking of the partner hotels.

                                                      Gross Booking Value(INR Cr.)
Increase in Gross booking value (GBV) hotel aggregator

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