Mar, 2018     

Hotel Aggregators Market Updates-Mar’18

Consumers prefer OTAs for leisure trips and Hotel Aggregators for business trips

Consumers of hotel industry are more satisfied with OTAs on the leisure trips as the room preference is more for a holiday with some additional preferences. On the other hand, when these consumers travel for business they prefer standard and trustworthy hotels. And hence we see the consumers being more satisfied with OTAs in leisure trips and with hotel aggregators on business trips.

Hotel Aggregators are more convincing to the partner hotels than OTAs

Lack of personnel training and delayed support by OTAs have been the substantial reasons for the disapproval of the partners. Conversely, partners are happier with the tech assistance and training provided by hotel aggregators. They take complete responsibility for the ops of the hotel to provide a better overall consumer experience. Thus, proving the value the hotel aggregators are providing to the partner hotels.

Partner satisfaction Hotel Aggregator vs Online Travel Aggregators (OTAs)

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