Apr, 2018     

Online Mobility Market Updates-Apr’18

The industry has drastically reduced the average fare of share rides to increase adoption

The online cab aggregators are focusing big time on the pool/share category. As it is a category that is valuable to the consumers and provides better utilization of the fleet. The cab aggregators have hence slashed the prices of this category by more than 30% across the top cities in the last one year to increase the user adoption. The consumers, on the other hand, have started using the share/pool category for shorter distances thus bringing down the average fare levels.

Online cab aggregators see monthly auto rides grow 5X in one year

The online cab aggregators witnessed a sharp increase in monthly auto rides in 2017. The number of monthly auto rides which was 2-3 mn in March 2016 grew to 14-16 mn in March 2017. Seeing such a steady growth now even Uber has got into this segment and is trying to lure customers with flat Rs. 25 for first four kms. We expect this category to grow further as consumers are rapidly adopting it seeing value.

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