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Online Mobility Market Updates-Feb’18

Online cab aggregators | Market outside top seven cities increase by 100%

The market outside the top seven cities of online cab aggregators has grown by almost 100% in one year resulting in the fall of contribution of top seven cities from 88% in OND-16 to 81% in OND-17. This is good news for the industry as it is seeing good adoption outside its top markets. We feel the consumers in these cities are finding good value in the services of the online cab aggregators thus implying huge headroom of growth for the players.

Online cabs market Ride count

Online cab rides is set to grow at a CAGR of 40% over the next 3 years

The online cab industry currently has around 2mn daily rides. We expect this number to go up to 5.2 mn by 2020. The adoption of share category, which contributed nearly 25% to the overall rides towards the end of 2017, will contribute significantly to this growth.

Growth in online cabs market

OLA and Uber are now eyeing on the 40-45 mn daily auto rides for growth

There are on an average 130-150 mn daily commuter trips in India and auto category constitutes nearly 30% of this, which roughly means 40-45 mn rides per day. The online cab aggregators are hence eyeing this category to fuel their India growth plans. The auto category of Ola has picked up well and now with Uber entering this segment, we feel a good growth story awaits them in 2018.

                                              Distribution of Daily Commuter Trips
Number on daily trips Online cabs market

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