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The industry sees non-movie category grow to 40-45% of the overall industry in Q3CY’17


The online ticketing industry saw a decrease in the share of movie tickets in Q3’17 as movies got pushed to OND quarter. To counteract this drop in movies, the industry shifted its focus to ancillary categories which are showing exceptional growth in sports and local events. Increased contribution of local events also opens doors for the increased penetration of the industry in Tier-2 cities.


                                   Category-wise share of Online Ticketing by value in Q3CY’17

Category-wise share  Online Ticketing India

In the online ticketing market, there is a significant customer experience difference between the top two brands and the others


High customer satisfaction for top players is also reflected in their near-duopolistic share of the online ticket booking market.


Customer Satisfaction Online Ticketing India
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