Lending Market and Target Segment Assessment

Case studies | Sep, 2017

To understand the MSME segment in India and their financing needs vs supply and their awareness and satisfaction with financing offerings. And map the supply side compreh...

Mobile Wallets – 2016 year end performance review

reports | Feb, 2017

This document covers the performance of Indian Mobile Wallets Industry for the year 2016 covering it from business metrics, consumer and partner restaurant side. DOWNLOAD...

Imapct of Demonitization on MSMEs

articles | Jan, 2017

This document covers a perspective on the impact of Demonitization on MSMEs. DOWNLOAD HERE

E-seller financing needs in India

articles | Dec, 2016

This document covers a perspective on the financing needs of the sellers of e-commerce platforms. It includes the current and unfulfilled needs of the sellers along with ...

Alternative Lending – The next phase of growth

graphs | Oct, 2016

This document is a graph which covers key trends in fintech alternative lending space. DOWNLOAD HERE