May, 2010     

Apollo hospitals – Internationalization Strategy

Apollo Hospitals started as the first corporate hospital of India, has grown remarkably.


First super-specialty Hospital in India –Early 1980s – 


  • Dr. Prathap Reddy established the first ever corporate hospital of India
  • Faced skepticism in his campaign that super- specialty hospital was viable in India
  • Was able to attract doctors from the west

-Made an IPO and raised $4.6 million in 1983


Liberalization and Growth – Late 1980s; early 1990s


  • At the personal urging of Dr. Prathap Reddy, the then Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, liberalized the Hospital Sector
  • Apollo’s business began to grow in the 1990s, with the deregulation of the Indian economy, which drastically cut the bureaucratic barriers to expansion and made it easier to import modern medical equipment


Wide-Scale Marketing Efforts – 1990s onwards

-Apart from individual patient and doctor referrals, which served as primary marketing tools in the 1980s, Apollo exercised various print, audio and video marketing tools

-The successful coronary bypass operation of the Vice President of India in 1993 gave a major boost to the Apollo brand and visibility


Focus on middle and lower strata of Society

-Till early1990s, the services of Apollo were restricted to the elite strata of society

-Apollo faced criticism that its services were not for the masses

-Apollo reacted by expanding its services to the poor class

  • Has set aside free beds for the poor
  • Has set up a trust fund
  • Is pioneering remote, satellite- linked telemedicine across India


Global expansion and local penetration

-Apollo has already expanded to more than 45 Hospitals and more than 250 Apollo Clinics in India and abroad

-Has centers of excellence in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nepal, Nigeria, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, etc.

-Further initiatives include South Africa, Tanzania, Mauritius, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Vietnam and Thailand, among others