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Apr, 2022     

Business Dressing Best Practices for Your Day at Work

We’ve all been there: staring at our wardrobes endlessly, wondering what makes us stand out or blend in, confused about the best corporate colors and wardrobe best practices. We’re here to help you!

As a management consultant, it is common to engage with many clients regularly. Sometimes, work calls for interaction at the operational level with the client, and sometimes, it involves working directly with the board. Choosing the proper attire in such day-to-day interactions boosts one’s confidence and helps the company’s branding. Wearing formal shirts and trousers is an easy way to fit the bill. Similarly, blazers and suits can add to your air of authority too!  

Let’s look at a few workplace dressing best practices that can help you look your best, everyday!

Professional and Formal Dress Code 

This dress code includes a suit in a solid color like gray, black, or navy blue along with a pressed and light-colored or white shirt with a tie complementing it for men.   

For women, there are suits which include a blazer with pants or formal skirts. You also have the option of a formal dress in similar colors such as blue, black, and gray with a long-sleeved, white-colored blouse adorned with elegant accessories. Apart from western wear, women may also wear formal ethnic clothing such as sarees or a salwar suit as Indian professional attire. Your footwear and accessory should always match your attire and be well-polished to shine. This holds true for both men and women. So, when you coordinate everything well with your clothes, your outfit looks professional, conveying your confidence.  

Such dress codes enhance your appearance and reflect your presentation skills, which helps you network better. This attire is preferred, especially during formal networking events, business meetings, or presentations.  

Smart and Borderline Casuals  

This dress code is slightly less formal and includes neat and pressed collared shirts with trousers and a leather belt for men. A dress shirt paired with conservative skirts and slacks works well for women. Apart from the western wear, women may also wear an Indian Tunic with formal trousers or slacks, with a stole or scarf. When selecting colors and designs, sober color combinations and minimalist design always make a person look approachable and fresh. It is essential to ensure that you are comfortable in your attire to help you look presentable. This attire is perfect on regular working days at the office.

Your professional appearance also sets a foundation for clients’ trust and raises their expectations of the company. Finally, when you match the clients’ expectations by providing the best possible solution to their problems, you help the company enhance its goodwill. At this moment, do not forget to give credit to your attire too!