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Mar, 2022     

We Are POSH Compliant, And Here Is Why This Is Important

We believe in the importance of being POSH compliant, not just because the law mandates it, but because we believe in a safe workplace synonymous with the word “second home.”

Our home is where we feel safe and secure, yet we spend much time at our workplace, which is why we may call it our “second home”. Therefore, we wish to increase awareness about POSH because we believe in a comfortable, productive, and happy workplace.   

POSH Law is the Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women in the Workplace. This act was passed in 2013 to provide a safe working environment for all female employees through prohibition, prevention, and redressal. Being posh compliant means promoting a fair and comfortable working environment for women. In addition, this law aims to protect the fundamental rights of women to make workplaces more gender inclusive. Compliance with the Law includes 

  • The organization’s policy for protection against sexual harassment, 
  • The formulation of an internal committee of 10 or more employees, and 
  • Raising awareness for the same in the company.   

Our company, Redseer Strategy Consultants, is built on the foundation of respect and acceptance of one another. We believe in workplace camaraderie; thus, our company’s culture has ingrained employee safety. Our second home can also give us a sense of comfort and security while working, as this comfort here can help us remain productive and satisfied. We are well aware of the power of teamwork and team spirit, and as a result, we promote open and accessible communication to foster collaboration among employees, ensuring gender equality and gender inclusivity.   

 POSH compliance will increase awareness and make coordination more straightforward and more comfortable in the company. We highly consider the importance of this knowledge as it will aid in preventing any ill-treatment against the females in the company.   

Our belief about a safe working environment will always protect the fundamental rights of every woman in the company. Thus, we make our company complaint, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of everyone.