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RedSeer’s Benchmarks helps clients and the ecommerce ecosystem dwell deeper into data through a range of offerings that address various client data use-cases. At the core of Benchmarks’ offerings is extensive sector and player coverage that has 300+ players tracked across 21 sectors.

Our Offerings

Benchmarks’ delivery model has two major approaches: Products and Managed Services.

Our Products

Products are delivered through an on-demand data delivery platform that uses technology to help deliver sharper insights. Our current range of product offerings include:

  1. CX Tool Kit: One of our flagship products that helps clients get a deeper understanding of their sector’s customer experience and also benchmark this with companies across all internet sectors.
    The Toolkit provides an intuitive dashboard of NPS results of 100+ internet platforms and has functionality to slice and dice the data across various parameters like Usage, TAM and Demographics. READ MORE   
  2. Performance Benchmarking: Performance Benchmarking provides competitive intelligence of key performance indicators of e-commerce platforms. It provides a comprehensive view of important KPIs across cuts like Category, Size and Type of Platform, City/Tier and Unit Economics of a platform. This data is available across all major e-commerce platforms. READ MORE   
  3. Category Benchmarking: Category Benchmarking provides competitive intelligence of digital platforms at micro-category level. This can help brands (offline and online) assess the online penetration of a category, see which platform is driving the overall growth of the category and also provides a view on where a brand stands vis-à-vis competing brand/platform in overall online sales. READ MORE   
  4. Reports: Benchmarks’ reports help clients and the ecommerce ecosystem dwell deeper into data to provide actionable insights that define CXO agendas. Reports generally solve the following use-cases:
    • Predicting the trend-setting sectors/ niches through detailed analysis and to-the-point views in our Sector Reports
    • Helping decision makers understand key trends, challenges, and opportunities that influence actions through our quarterly Analyst Reports


Managed Services

Managed Services are generally strategic and outcome-based engagements with clients’ strategy or CXO teams where the solutioning and delivery is led by our best-in-class team of Analysts and Consultants. Engagements are generally on an annual contract but specific use-cases can also be addressed via a customized project.