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India’s Used Car Market Is Unstoppable With Its Steady And Tech-Driv...

newsletters | Dec, 2021

Riding the digital wave, the used car market is a all set to grow at a healthy CAGR of 11%, boasting of sales upto ~8.3 million units, by FY26...

Online Mobility-Riding The Wave of Democratization

newsletters | Mar, 2020

Sectors other than 4W and 3W P2P taxis are contributing 20% share of 4Mn daily trips in Indian online mobility

The future is bright for online fashion and car classifieds

newsletters | Oct, 2019

1. Once-small online fashion/beauty category on track to exceed USD 7 Bn in GMV in 2019 and USD 25 bn by CY22 Published on: Oct 2019 Women fashion growing faster and ethn...

Online Mobility Market Updates

newsletters | Oct, 2019

  1. Core value prop of bike rentals is ‘flexibility’- with many bike rental users also being vehicle owners Published on: Oct 2019 The flexibility of route is a...

State of the Online Cabs Market

reports | Apr, 2017

This report broadly covers the trends in Online Taxi Market in Q1 2017.