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Indian Female Innerwear’s $12 Billion Opportunity

reports | May, 2021

The female apparel market, which stood at USD $25 billion in 2019, is expected to grow up to USD $38-40 billion by 2025.

The $2.5Bn Breakout Opportunity within the Indian Female Innerwear Mar...

newsletters | May, 2021

Indian Female Innerwear Market is likely to be USD 11-12 opportunity by 2025

Baby boom to boost online baby care

newsletters | May, 2021

Online players are better positioned to capture the emerging opportunity: > USD 1 Bn to be added to Online Mom & Baby care segment over next 5 years...

2021: The year Crtl C + Ctrl V won’t work

newsletters | Jan, 2021

Social media penetration stands at 99% in UAE and 72% in KSA.

Commercial Due Diligence on a social commerce player

Case studies | Dec, 2020

A deep dive into India's retail and eCommerce space from demand and competition perspective was conducted at a category level to assess the TAM and 5 year realizable oppo...

Commercial Due Diligence on one of India’s largest retailers

Case studies | Sep, 2020

Perspective of consumers and retailers towards digitization in general and towards using Target's services in particular 4) Growth forecast for market and Target's share ...

Commercial Due Diligence on a music instruments e-tailer

Case studies | Jul, 2018

As part of the diligence process, we undertook a comprehensive market landscaping of the musical instruments space in India- covering market sizing from demand and supply...

Commercial Due Diligence on an online furniture e-tailer

Case studies | May, 2015

A large sample consumer and supplier survey was run to identify the consumer behaviours and changes there in that would support the investor growth theses on the market....