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What Lies Ahead for the Overseas Education Sector?

newsletters | Apr, 2022

As the sector continues to grow, English tests and student counseling will be the main revenue source for market leaders

EdTech Is Flourishing, All Thanks To Online Higher Ed!

newsletters | Mar, 2022

With the Online Higher Education & Lifelong learning market poised to reach ~$ 5 Bn by CY 2025, EdTech Is Destined To Flourish! 

Report on market for “Higher Education Abroad”

reports | Oct, 2021

Growth in Indian students studying abroad for Higher Education had outpaced domestic student growth by >6x in 2016-19 to reach ~ 770k...

~2 Million Indian students would be studying Abroad by 2024

newsletters | Oct, 2021

We expect ~2 Mn Indian students to be studying abroad by 2024

Indonesia Edtech : Reading Between The Lines

newsletters | Jul, 2021

The EdTech market got a boost thanks to COVID to reach >USD 200 Mn in size in 2020

Vietnam Edtech : Cracking The K-12 Puzzle

newsletters | Jun, 2021

Edtech players need to re-think their value proposition and focus around the gap areas in order to capitalise on the massive edtech opportunity...

Philippines Edtech: Rewriting The Education Landscape

newsletters | Jun, 2021

Philippines witnessed a plethora of online education platforms emerging in the last few years with differentiated offerings

Online higher education to grow 10x over the next 5 years

newsletters | May, 2021

The market in India will grow 10x over the next 5 years to reach $5 billion by FY2025

Edtech – Entrée or Main Course ?

newsletters | Mar, 2021

EdTech platforms have seen a drastic rise in the number of new subscribers to the platforms.

Online Higher Education & Lifelong Learning – 10x growth potent...

newsletters | Aug, 2020

The gross enrolment ratio (GER) for higher education is a measure of the number of schoolchildren who go on to become undergraduates (UG), postgraduates (PG), or diploma ...

Online Higher Education & Lifelong learning

reports | Aug, 2020

10x Growth Potential- A $5B Opportunity

Online Higher Education & Lifelong Learning – The time is now!

newsletters | Aug, 2020

With changes in regulations, the addressable opportunity for Online Higher Education and continuous learning has grown ~6x – contingent on proposed rules in NEP 2020 be...

Vietnam Education: Starting a New Chapter?

newsletters | Jun, 2020

COVID has created a demand upsurge for online learning and EdTech players have adapted quickly to cater to this demand.

EdTech – COVID Tailwinds – The Time is Now

newsletters | Jun, 2020

EdTech companies too have been agile in responding to the crisis by making their offerings free – resulting in almost 2x rise in EdTech users within a couple of months ...

Report on the EdTech sector in India to identify next opportunities fo...

Case studies | Jan, 2020

An exhaustive database for established institutes was created along with multiple in-depth discussions with investors to understand the market dynamics....

Long-range strategic plan for top education credential evaluator

Case studies | Dec, 2019

We understood the addressable opportunity in the academic credentials evaluation market and prioritised key geographies by tracking the migrant student countries of origi...

Go-to-Market strategy in EdTech for India’s largest online vernacula...

Case studies | Nov, 2019

We conducted 2000+ student and parents survey and 100+ supplementary education providers interviews in India to build the customer persona....

Ed-tech Market Updates

newsletters | May, 2019

  1. The upcoming vernacular revolution in edtech Published on: May 2019 The first wave of edtech companies saw players focusing on high-quality content and live str...

Growth & New International Markets Entry Strategy For A 6000+ Cha...

Case studies | Apr, 2019

The global expansion story of Indian internet companies is just starting, long way to go ahead Published on: Apr 2019 Over the last few years, we have seen many Indian in...

Implementation of a sales process improvement program at a fast growin...

Case studies | Mar, 2019

RedSeer reached out to 5 key geographies of interest to the client in India and connected with 1000+ schools across India.

Sales transformation for changing product portfolio for a leading publ...

Case studies | Feb, 2019

We redesigned the sales motion as well as roles and responsibilities for each sales type keeping the entire sales funnel from marketing, lead generation to customer succe...

Business Model Evaluation and Future Roadmap Development for a Physica...

Case studies | Feb, 2019

The objective was to assess the physical education market and conduct competitor benchmarking to develop a future growth roadmap.

Commercial Due Diligence on India’s largest EdTech provider focused ...

Case studies | Feb, 2019

We captured the brand recall for all market players, looked at how the online education market is poised to grow in the next five years....

Commercial Due Diligence on an upcoming omnichannel platform offering ...

Case studies | Jul, 2018

The objective was to understand the music education market in India and assess the opportunity to invest in the target, an upcoming omnichannel platform offering music ed...