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HealthTech Elevating the Consumer Experience in Indian Healthcare

newsletters | Mar, 2022

The eHealth sector continues to create delights, indicating that it could be the new normal for our healthcare industry

Technology Comes to Rescue the Diabetes Capital of the World

newsletters | Jan, 2022

Translating to a market size of ~$17 Bn in FY 21, the disease care market is expected to grow to ~$60 Bn in next 10 years

India Diabetes Market Report

reports | Jan, 2022

Diabetes care market in India is ~$17 Bn in size as of FY21, expected to grow 3X+ to ~$59 Bn by FY31.

Circular Economy To Unlock Multi Billion-dollar Opportunities

newsletters | Nov, 2021

The growing concerns around the adverse effects of 'fast' consumption and the lack of affordable and sustainable alternatives have given birth to the second-hand goods ma...

The time is right for eHealth in MENA

newsletters | Nov, 2021

eHealth platforms have come in to drive efficiencies and create value for consumers and suppliers

Southeast Asia eHealth – Shaping Up Well

newsletters | Sep, 2021

SEA’s eHealth sector expected to see 10x growth by F2025

Consumer NPS study for one of the leading eHealth players in India

Case studies | Apr, 2020

The objective was to help a leading eHealth platform study the relative satisfaction of its consumers vs the leading competitors, in terms of pricing, quality, availabili...

Market report on Indian eHealth market covering business models, stake...

Case studies | Feb, 2020

Overview of the healthcare space in India, current & future market estimates, key drivers of growth including the recent govt. initiatives...

Competitive benchmarking of all the major eHealth players in India

Case studies | Feb, 2020

The objective was to help a leading eHeatlh platform understand how it is performing vs the leading competitors

Evaluating readiness of healthcare subscription plan and devising an o...

Case studies | Mar, 2019

The objective was to identify the attractive consumer cohorts for the healthcare subscription plan

Market landscaping and identifying consumer pain points for one of the...

Case studies | Mar, 2019

Pharmaceuticals market sizing in India, ePharma penetration in the market, ePharma category mix and player market shares, top-line & bottom-line player level comparison...