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SEA Fintech Report

reports | Jan, 2022

Robust economic growth and digitally engaged consumer creates massive opportunity to drive innovation in Fintech adoption

The Rise Of Cryptocurrencies

newsletters | Dec, 2021

Blockchain technology is also seeing a rise with several startups gaining fundraising in the past 3 years

Digital Economy : Fintech leads in Growth

newsletters | Aug, 2021

With 1 in 4 deals being in the fintech space and pulling nearly 30% of all the funding raised, the sector is poised for strong activity with the new liquidity...

MEA: Dissecting the $2bn Funding upsurge

newsletters | Aug, 2021

MEA investments surged to USD 2.1 Bn YTD in 2021, already ~2x of last year

Here’s how consumers are managing their finances better. Are you?

newsletters | Aug, 2021

Digital brokerages have witnessed a phenomenal growth in the last 3 years

Digital Economy : Fintech leads in Growth

newsletters | Aug, 2021

Insurtech and Lending growth is expected to be ~5 times higher in future

The elusive booming of shared credit market in India

newsletters | Jul, 2021

India’s shared credit market is $550Bn size of addressable market

Indonesia – Digital Bookkeeping 101

newsletters | Mar, 2021

Indonesia is home to ~64 Mn MSMEs who employ 97% of the country’s workforce and account for ~61% of the GDP

Digital Payments – The power of Buy Now Pay Later

newsletters | Mar, 2021

Direct discounts and cashback promotions are widely rolled out to beat the stiff competition amongst top players.

BNPL – The growing relevance of BNPL platforms in the UAE

newsletters | Feb, 2021

BNPL players in the UAE have only just entered the market and have cumulatively received approximately $40 million+ in funding.

Digital Payments – Emergence of New Growth Drivers

newsletters | Feb, 2021

Being a key enabler for the internet economy allows E-wallets to have greater leverage and remain unaffected by slowdowns much like the one caused by Covid-19...

Cash on Delivery – Another casualty of the pandemic?

newsletters | Jan, 2021

Fast forward to today and this is reflected in usage of COD which has come down to ~20-30% of online shopping orders in UAE. One possible reason is the expected stickines...

Inside $500M Indian Smartphone Insurance market

newsletters | Jan, 2021

~557 Mn people in India have access to a smart-phone by 2020 which would go up to ~939 Mn by 2025.

The $500 Mn potential Indian Smartphone Insurance market, But are the ...

reports | Dec, 2020

Indian Smartphone Insurance Market holds potential to reach $500 Mn by FY 25

Indian Mobile Payments: 5x growth by 2025

newsletters | Sep, 2020

In Post COVID scenario, Mobile payments will lead to an additional INR 12 Tn of digital payments by value as consumers get more inclined towards digital payments driven b...

Indonesia Fintech – 4 P’s To Succeed In Payments

newsletters | Aug, 2020

Vertical players have faced multiple challenges in scaling up and finding the right segments to target in the face of strong competition from the much larger horizontals....

Indian Mobile Payments: 5x growth by 2025

reports | Aug, 2020

Story of potential 800 million Indian mobile payment consumers

Indian Fintech – Poised for a strong recovery post COVID

newsletters | Aug, 2020

Driven by the COVID push, ~17 Mn new Insurtech policy buyers will get added in the next 2 years, to take the overall number to ~30 Mn...

Indian Fintech – Still A Cub But Roaring Like A Tiger!

reports | Mar, 2020

Indian Fintech industry is on an exciting trajectory with Indian consumers adopting the various fintech offerings like never before. However, it will be interesting to se...

Of digital book-keeping apps, foodtech subscriptions and festive sales...

newsletters | Oct, 2019

1. Digital book-keeping apps have managed to gain strong adoption and regular usage amongst SMEs Published on: Oct 2019 New age book keeping apps are seeing daily usage a...

Fintech Market Updates

newsletters | Aug, 2019

UPI has a strong market share in higher value use cases  Published on: Aug 2019 Wallets continue to remain strong in the recharge and SME merchants category. India’s t...

Indonesia Fintech: Looking back into The Future

newsletters | Aug, 2019

1. Fast-growing Indonesian eWallets and digital payments space seeing massive supply-side activity Published on: Aug 2019 Summary takeaways  Continued rapid growth (70-8...

What Moats Are Being Built By Tokopedia, Blibli and Bukalapak?

newsletters | Aug, 2019

Tokopedia- Leadership in digital goods supported by a wide pool of fin-tech products Published on: Aug 2019 Blibli- Digitizing Indonesia’s USD 150+ bn grocery retail sp...

The Upcoming Fintech Boom In India (And Indonesia)

newsletters | Aug, 2019

1. InsurTech marketplaces are growing 100% y-o-y driven by strong growth of both incumbents and new entrants Published on: Aug 2019 Key growth driver of sector incumbents...

Online Insurance Market Updates

newsletters | Aug, 2019

1. InsurTech marketplaces are growing 100% y-o-y driven by strong growth of both incumbents and new entrants Published on: Aug 2019 Key growth driver of sector incumbents...

The Indian Internet Investment Story: Why is Indian Internet attractin...

articles | May, 2018

Where is the incremental private equity money going in Indian market:   Traditionally India has been a consumer growth story. Almost all the unicorns and the large i...

Outsourcing in Financial Services: Challenges and the Way Forward

articles | Jan, 2018

Introduction The financial crisis of 2008/2009 created several problems for the financial services clients. On one hand, there was a renewed quest of efficiency savings o...