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Our MENA Dark Kitchen estimates revised upwards – a $2 Bn+ oppor...

newsletters | Mar, 2022

Dark Kitchens would account for 13%+ of the FoodTech market in 2025 the penetration would be significantly higher in UAE & KSA

The cloud kitchen to see 5x growth in GMV to USD $2-3B by 2025

newsletters | Oct, 2021

Dine-In and cloud kitchens, cloud kitchens are growing largely as they have higher EBITDA profitability along with a significantly lower capex....

Forget the IPO, India’s food services market is still underpenetrate...

newsletters | Aug, 2021

With the right tailwinds, online penetration of food services is set to become 2x by 2025

Southeast Asia Food Delivery – Piping Hot Again

newsletters | Aug, 2021

Cloud Kitchens have emerged as the new gateway to food service industry

QSR Market: Always Adapting to Change

newsletters | Jun, 2021

QSR’s are usually met with the trade-off between focusing on their own app vs a marketplace app. Each have their own pros and cons. Broadly, having one’s own app crea...

MENA Food Service Market – Going Back to Normal

newsletters | May, 2021

Online Food service market penetration to remain stable at around 15-20%

Kitchen Drives Home

newsletters | May, 2021

Horizontals have captured majority of market share

Foodtech – A Growing Appetite

newsletters | Apr, 2021

Players have been innovating to improve profitability, more players expected to enter

Where is the online meat market headed?

newsletters | Mar, 2021

Meat market is expected to become $80-85 Bn by 2024 and is up for disruption by branded players

What’s cooking in FoodTech: Part 2 – Cloud Kitchen

newsletters | Feb, 2021

Food Delivery platforms stepped up amidst this, offsetting some of the topline impact for restaurants

KaaS – The backbone of Dark Kitchens?

newsletters | Feb, 2021

UAE online food delivery is expected to grow by a CAGR of 23% with rising penetration of dark kitchens

What’s cooking in FoodTech: Part 1 – Delivery

newsletters | Feb, 2021

Grab & Gojek dominate the market across SEA and players looking to expand services towards grocery and other allied categories to increase use cases for customer & drive ...

Dark Kitchens – The Bright Future of Food Services

newsletters | Nov, 2020

Pre-COVID estimates of $16bn, the food services market is now estimated at $9bn in UAE as lockdown restrictions suppressed the sector....

India internet x profitability: What to watch in 2020

newsletters | Jan, 2020

1. Changing macroeconomic and funding scenario in 2020 will see two big themes playing out for India’s internet start-ups Given the macroeconomic trends and the funding...

Food-tech Market Updates

newsletters | Oct, 2019

Subscription users of cloud kitchen apps show stronger platform loyalty (vs on-demand users) even when preferred dishes are unavailable Published on: Oct 2019 When prefer...

Indian Niche Food Brands

newsletters | Oct, 2019

1. Niche food brands are gaining traction among the educated urban and semi-urban youth in India Published on: Oct 2019 The niche packaged food industry is pegged to grow...

Growth strategy for an internet kitchen

Case studies | Sep, 2019

The methodology involved conducting feasibility analysis of channels needed to achieve the target.

Demystifying the restaurants vs online aggregators debate

newsletters | Aug, 2019

Restaurants have witnessed 30% growth in business along with other benefits after partnering with online aggregators Published on: Aug 2019 Online partnerships have enabl...

Ready to Cook Market: India

newsletters | Aug, 2019

1. Ready to Cook Food market is gaining adoption among consumers owing to increasing urbanization and demand for convenience food Published on: Aug 2019 Ready to Cook mar...

City expansion strategy for a foodtech player

Case studies | May, 2019

The medhodology involved creating a bespoke foodtech potential index of 2300+ Indian cities to identify the high potential cities for the client and segment them by prior...

Dormant user assesment for an online food delivery platform

Case studies | Apr, 2019

The engagement was driven through primary research - surveys and in-depth interviews - of dormant users to pin-point the reasons for lapsing and understand the steps to b...