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OTT Video

How are Indian shortform apps making it big?

newsletters | Aug, 2021

India’s digital ad market to become ~$10Bn by CY25

Short Form Market Updates

newsletters | May, 2021

Published on: Apr 2021 India’s shortform video apps has seen V-shaped recovery; bringing back the userbase to nearly 100% of TikTok user base levels, Published on: Dec ...

Short Form Video: ‘Short’ Cut to Success

newsletters | May, 2021

These platforms provide a shot at fame for small time content creators and are an effective channel for brands to reach the large young sub-urban/tier2+ consumer cohort...

97% of users are back | Made in India Shortform apps

newsletters | Apr, 2021

Indian apps have retained 65-70% of the Tiktok era users driven by acquisiton of influencers on these platforms as well as efforts to provide better product experience fo...

Video Killing The Audio Star?

newsletters | Nov, 2020

Paid users contributed USD 43 Million in revenue during August 2020 alone

Getting to precovid levels with ” New Normals “

newsletters | Aug, 2020

While July turned to be a decent month for the OTT Audio space, which witnessed a recovery. For the OTT Video and Shortform sector, it was a month were new normals were e...

Can Online Content Platforms win the customer retention battle post CO...

newsletters | May, 2020

Online Content sector has seen an overall positive uptake during COVID.

Originals Becoming Mainstream In OTT World

newsletters | Mar, 2020

Ease of content consumption coupled with affordable smart TVs will lead to shift in user time from DTH to OTT

Consumer Internet Updates

newsletters | Aug, 2019

Buy Full Report MAU for OTT Video platforms expected to grow 80% over 2019-22; platforms focused on Bharat target group are expected to grow fastest  Published on: Aug 2...

Newsletter | Vernacular is NOW, not the future – A $300 Bn opportuni...

newsletters | Aug, 2019

India is in the midst of a massive digital transformation of its population Published on: Aug 2019 Heavy social media and content consumption underway in urban and especi...