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E-tailing: What has 2022 taught us thus far?

newsletters | Jun, 2022

The creator economy rose to even greater feats in 2022 and will account for a much larger slice of the marketing pie by end of 2022....

The Impending Online Upsurge in CPG KSA

newsletters | Jun, 2022

~18 Mn online CPG users by 2025 representing 90% of online shoppers

Luxury Retail: Online opening new horizons

newsletters | Jun, 2022

Creators are now playing an equally important role compared to celebrities as the content is more relatable and the format is more engaging...

MENA Gaming: The Golden Era is Here

newsletters | Jun, 2022

MENA Gaming to exceed $5 Bn by 2025; KSA and UAE leading growth levels.

UAE Luxury Retail – Strong Tailwinds at play

newsletters | May, 2022

Online channel has increased in prominence and now makes up ~20% of luxury sales in UAE currently influencing more than 90%

Unwrapping Ramadan 2022

reports | Mar, 2022

Ramadan is a $6.2 Bn online sales event in MENA. Festive periods account for ~40% of annual e-tail in MENA.

MENAP Digital Economy to cross $100B this year; $20bn investment neede...

newsletters | Mar, 2022

The MENAP Digital Economy will multiply 7x by 2030; this will require a funding of ~$20 Bn in the coming 2-3 years

D2C channel to represent 12% of MENA e-tail, as early as 2023!

newsletters | Mar, 2022

Consumers express high interest to explore new brands across sectors, driving adoption of Digitally native brands (DNB) 

Our MENA Dark Kitchen estimates revised upwards – a $2 Bn+ oppor...

newsletters | Mar, 2022

Dark Kitchens would account for 13%+ of the FoodTech market in 2025 the penetration would be significantly higher in UAE & KSA

Pakistan E-com is now on Boom Alert

newsletters | Feb, 2022

Fueled by recent funding, the Pakistan digital landscape is now set to take of as players storm the market

The UAE Pre-owned market is the new market

newsletters | Feb, 2022

Buying is seen as a better value-added proposition especially for home and electronics sectors where the estimated duration of use can be higher....

Unwrapping Ramadan 2022 Recap – Above All Years

newsletters | Feb, 2022

Celebrations will drive Ramadan purchases and Grocery, Fashion key sectors that will see spike in demand

MENAT Retail; The Double Crest Wave

newsletters | Feb, 2022

Ramadan days are expected to see 23% shoot up in sale

3 Themes to Look out for in 2022

newsletters | Jan, 2022

These supply and demand trends have placed the Direct to consumer (D2C) channel on a pedestal of growth and this segment already accounts for ~15% of online retail in key...

MENAT Gaming: Doubling XP

newsletters | Jan, 2022

The supply side is gearing up to tap into the massive opportunity which is unfolding, through localization, technology investments and eSports events...

Quick Commerce: MENA’s Hidden Gems

newsletters | Dec, 2021

Q-commerce with sectors that already have the necessary digital infrastructure and consumer awareness in the MENA region expands the market potential for quick commerce t...

OTT Changing How We Understand Television

newsletters | Dec, 2021

OTT market has seen ~2x jump in the userbase compared to Pre-Pandemic times.

Black Friday Recap: Discounts Moving Beyond Electronics

newsletters | Dec, 2021

A key trend that was alluded to coming into the Black Friday event is the further inclusion of sectors such as Beauty & Personal Care and Fashion into the promotional off...

Black Friday: The Retail Spectacle for all Ages

newsletters | Nov, 2021

Sector appeal slightly varies among the different generations with Gen Z being most inclined towards Fashion this Black Friday.

Quick Commerce: “Instant” becoming the norm in delivery

newsletters | Nov, 2021

Within e-tailing alone, instant Delivery is expected to contribute to 8% of GMV in the next 3 years

The time is right for eHealth in MENA

newsletters | Nov, 2021

eHealth platforms have come in to drive efficiencies and create value for consumers and suppliers

Black Friday – $6Bn Online Shopping Event

reports | Oct, 2021

Black Friday is a critical event in the retail calendar in MENA. This event which was first launched by Souq (now Amazon) as a 3-day online only event has now expanded to...

The BNPL wave is rising

newsletters | Oct, 2021

The BNPL sector has scaled well – we estimate USD 0.6 Bn of GTV will be processed in MENA in 2021

MENAP eB2B: USD 10 Bn opportunity unfolding

newsletters | Oct, 2021

The USD 1 Bn eB2B market is setting itself up for explosive growth with penetration levels

eB2B Trucking 101: Massive opportunity lies largely untouched

newsletters | Sep, 2021

B2B trucking across the MENATP region is a massive USD 80 Bn market

Understanding CPaaS: Softbank’s First Saudi Investment

newsletters | Sep, 2021

CPaaS could represent a USD 5 Bn+ opportunity in MENA by 2030

The Revival of Tourism

newsletters | Sep, 2021

We expect the sector to multiply 4x from 2020 levels to represent a USD 165 Bn market by 2025

The Rise of Conversational commerce

newsletters | Sep, 2021

Time spent on digital media has shot up over the last 1-2 years; social media & Messaging is the most consumed channel.

Digital Economy : Fintech leads in Growth

newsletters | Aug, 2021

With 1 in 4 deals being in the fintech space and pulling nearly 30% of all the funding raised, the sector is poised for strong activity with the new liquidity...

MEA: Dissecting the $2bn Funding upsurge

newsletters | Aug, 2021

MEA investments surged to USD 2.1 Bn YTD in 2021, already ~2x of last year

Black Friday 2021 – Looking Beyond Discounts

newsletters | Aug, 2021

More than 95% of consumers plan to use some digital channel for product discovery this Black Friday.

Digital Economy : Fintech leads in Growth

newsletters | Aug, 2021

Insurtech and Lending growth is expected to be ~5 times higher in future

Monetizing shortform, the Tiktok way

newsletters | Aug, 2021

Social and video media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube soon followed providing consumers with new ways to interact and brands adopted those platforms for ads....

MENA Q-commerce: Unlocking $20bn

newsletters | Jul, 2021

MENA Q-commerce market is expected to grow by 24% to reach $20bn as consumers continue looking for convenience and immediate gratification....

eGrocery: Pureplay Etailers drive growth

newsletters | Jul, 2021

In a span of one year, we have seen the KSA eGrocery market grow from negligible share in 2019 to 1% in 2020. However KSA’s eGrocery maturity still lags compared to oth...

Etail Leadership – Horizontals lead but face headwinds

newsletters | Jul, 2021

Etailing Horizontals are the distinct leaders while Specialists are lagging

Ground Zero 5.0 – MENA Internet Economy Coming Of Age – A Recap

newsletters | Jul, 2021

MENA Digital Economy to reach new heights

Prime Day – Amazon’s Yearly Festival of Sales

newsletters | Jun, 2021

UAE Prime Day is still in emerging phase with 140% sales increase from an ordinary day compared to 250% in US

MENA Ramadan: Biggest Shopping Moment

newsletters | Jun, 2021

Electronics and Gaming were highly dominated by online channel whereas Kitchen & Dining and Jewelry by offline channel

QSR Market: Always Adapting to Change

newsletters | Jun, 2021

QSR’s are usually met with the trade-off between focusing on their own app vs a marketplace app. Each have their own pros and cons. Broadly, having one’s own app crea...

MENA Food Service Market – Going Back to Normal

newsletters | May, 2021

Online Food service market penetration to remain stable at around 15-20%

Kitchen Drives Home

newsletters | May, 2021

Horizontals have captured majority of market share

Keeping up with the consumer

newsletters | May, 2021

Q-commerce has enabled consumers to try new online categories because of its convenience thus increasing the share of wallet.

MENA Electronics: An Essential Sector to Online Retail

newsletters | May, 2021

MENA online electronics has ~3x penetration levels compared to online retail

MENA Fashion – Trendsetter in Retail

newsletters | Apr, 2021

Offline fashion is poised to recover this year while online fashion is growing strong Y-o-Y

MENA Online Retail – Gaining Ground in the Global Space

newsletters | Apr, 2021

The MENA market has grown significantly in recent years and its GMV has become comparable to other emerging economies such as India and Indonesia....

Ramadan – Importance to Retail

newsletters | Apr, 2021

Ramadan 2021 to contribute more than $2Bn to e-tail GMV, 2x that of 2019

Foodtech – A Growing Appetite

newsletters | Apr, 2021

Players have been innovating to improve profitability, more players expected to enter

MENA Startups – Going the IPO way

newsletters | Mar, 2021

Consumer shift towards online is permanent and will drive further growth

Q-commerce | The Demand For Speed

newsletters | Mar, 2021

Q-commerce is a market defined by very fast delivery from local shops, restaurants, and dark stores. It is usually characterized by under 2-hour delivery....

Social Media Spend Goes Mainstream

newsletters | Mar, 2021

Social media now accounts for almost half of the digital advertising spend in the MENA region. We expect that in 2021, social media ad spend will overtake non-digital/tra...

Edtech – Entrée or Main Course ?

newsletters | Mar, 2021

EdTech platforms have seen a drastic rise in the number of new subscribers to the platforms.

KaaS – The backbone of Dark Kitchens?

newsletters | Feb, 2021

UAE online food delivery is expected to grow by a CAGR of 23% with rising penetration of dark kitchens

e-Grocery – Rising Maturity in Kuwait

newsletters | Feb, 2021

e-Grocery players that address the pain areas will grow faster than the market

BNPL – The growing relevance of BNPL platforms in the UAE

newsletters | Feb, 2021

BNPL players in the UAE have only just entered the market and have cumulatively received approximately $40 million+ in funding.

Cash on Delivery – Another casualty of the pandemic?

newsletters | Jan, 2021

Fast forward to today and this is reflected in usage of COD which has come down to ~20-30% of online shopping orders in UAE. One possible reason is the expected stickines...

2021: The year Crtl C + Ctrl V won’t work

newsletters | Jan, 2021

Social media penetration stands at 99% in UAE and 72% in KSA.

White Friday – The Evolution of Consumer Sentiment

newsletters | Dec, 2020

An interesting factor is that an overwhelmingly large proportion of consumers believe that discounts during the white/yellow friday period are higher online than they are...

Dark Kitchens – The Bright Future of Food Services

newsletters | Nov, 2020

Pre-COVID estimates of $16bn, the food services market is now estimated at $9bn in UAE as lockdown restrictions suppressed the sector....

The Power of Exclusive Sales – Amazon Prime Day UAE 2020

newsletters | Nov, 2020

Consumers took advantage of the ~3000 deals on Amazon UAE during Prime Day which offered an average discount of 25-30%.

“Add to Cart” || Anticipations of Festive Sales in UAE

newsletters | Nov, 2020

Q4 Festive sales to reach ~$1.5 Bn at a 65% y-o-y growth rate

e-Grocery in UAE & KSA: Q3 Update Report Pre-view

newsletters | Oct, 2020

MENA e-Grocery GMV had been growing in double digits YoY until 2019, and was expected to grow at ~60%. However, Covid-19 has more than doubled the eGrocery markets in UAE...

Retail-Tech – The next start-up opportunity

newsletters | Jul, 2020

This is reflected in the ~15-25% increase in online shoppers in the first few weeks of lockdown. ~30-50% of the customers increased their online purchase for the essentia...

Retail-Tech – The next start-up opportunity

reports | Jul, 2020

~30-50% of the customers increased their online purchase for the essential categories. This behavior is not just a one-time trend, a significant portion of these online m...

Hypergrowth in eGrocery – The new-age digital playing field

newsletters | Jun, 2020

This increase in eGrocery purchases was propelled in part by a significant number of first-time users of online grocery platforms. What is interesting is that consumers d...

How MENA is shopping post COVID-19?

newsletters | May, 2020

Lockdown measures have led to growth for e-tail. The growth rate during the lockdown has been ~20% by order volume and ~40% by value resulting in annualized GMV of $11 Bn...

How will MENA order online post COVID-19?

reports | Apr, 2020

UAE's internet penetration rose to 99% in 2019, while for KSA it touched 99% in 2019.

COVID-19 Pandemic; E-tail the lifeline of MENA

newsletters | Apr, 2020

Grocery is the hottest category with 300%+ jump in daily order volume

Ramadan and Covid-19 Pandemic; an ordeal for retail

newsletters | Apr, 2020

E-tailers generate ~25% of their annual GMV during Ramadan time, which when compared with White/Yellow Friday sale, stands at ~5%. Brands also realize the importance of R...

Venture Studios – Innovations in start-up building in MENA

newsletters | Mar, 2020

Venture Studio - A new business model is emerging to support the start-up building space globally

Home delivery of Food-tainment

reports | Feb, 2020

UAE's internet penetration rose to 99% in 2019, while for KSA it touched 99% in 2019.

MENA gearing up for Ramadan – Fashion insights

newsletters | Jan, 2020

1. Fashion shopping in Ramadan peaks during Eid week Fashion is the most exciting retail category, when it comes to Ramadan shopping in MENA. Excitement levels for clothi...

Middle East Online Retail comes of age (Part 2)

newsletters | Jan, 2020

1: Niche models gain traction Noon and Amazon have emerged as the key players in the online marketplace in the region. However, niche players have also emerged who eith...

Middle East Online Retail comes of age in 2019

newsletters | Jan, 2020

Insight 1: Fast-paced etailing market growth in 2019 Online retail market grew at a fast pace this year compared to last few years – greater than 35% this year compared...

November Online Festive Sales Expected to Soar

newsletters | Nov, 2019

There are four key insights that we want to highlight from our study: Published on: Nov 2019 Customer excitement for the November sales season in both UAE and KSA is at i...

Uber of warehousing to drive omnichannel

blogs | Nov, 2019

By Sandeep Ganediwalla

The 3A’s shaping the food service market of UAE

newsletters | Nov, 2019

Published on: Nov 2019 Food service market of UAE is ~$ 15 Bn in size. The market took a hit in revenues during early 2018 due to implementation of VAT, but the sector is...

Retail Technology – The Next Frontier

reports | Oct, 2019

Middle East is a cluster of regions: GCC, Levant and North Africa. This region is bound by a common language but is different demographically and economically...

Innovation in business model helping improve online deliveries perform...

newsletters | Sep, 2019

Buy Full Report Logistics is driving eCommerce in GCC; the two key sectors of Etail and online food deliveries stand at ~$11 Bn, expected to grow ~3X in next five years P...

GCC – World’s first omni-channel superapp?

newsletters | Aug, 2019

GCC – a unique market showing characteristics of both developed and developing markets GCC countries have most of their population concentrated in urban centres. This h...

Can MENA Have A Superapp?

newsletters | Jul, 2019

Globally, apps are taking superapp journey by adding services to its offering and increasing per-customer revenue Published on: Jul 2019 A country/region becomes superapp...

How Consumers in MENA are planning their CPG shopping this Ramadan

reports | May, 2019

Preparation for Ramadan starts one month in advance and celebration continues 2 weeks post Eid, making it the longest celebrated festival globally...

How consumers in MENA are planning their Fashion shopping this Ramadan...

reports | May, 2019

Preparation for Ramadan starts one month in advance and celebration continues 2 weeks post Eid, making it the longest celebrated festival globally...

How consumers in MENA are planning their Electronics shopping this Ram...

reports | May, 2019

Preparation for Ramadan starts one month in advance and celebration continues 2 weeks post Eid, making it the longest celebrated festival globally...

Online Grocery Market Updates | Middle-East

newsletters | Jan, 2019

Buy Full Report Share of organized grocery retail in UAE+KSA is expected to increase to 80% by 2022, from current 60%; Unorganized grocery retail to shrink Published on: ...

The Rise of E-Commerce in MENA

articles | Dec, 2018

Buy Full Report Published on: Dec 2018 The Middle East e-commerce market is heating up with the increasing competition, driven primarily by the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Acco...

Fintech Insights | Middle-East

newsletters | Oct, 2018

1. Fintech: Funding in MENA fintech is led by lending and payment focused start-ups Published on: Oct 2018 Fintech based start-ups in the MENA region are seeing a lot of ...

Cab Aggregation Insights | Middle-East

newsletters | Sep, 2018

1. Cab: After a first wave of rapid growth, MENA’s cab hailing market is ready for the next wave of expansion into smaller cities and realize its huge potential Publish...

LED Lighting Systems – The New Normal for Lighting in Middle Eas...

reports | Aug, 2018

INTRODUCTION   – Evolution of Lighting Systems The global lighting industry has seen a huge evolution right from incandescent to the light emitting diodes (LED...

Middle East Facility Management Market – Going Smart to Sustain ...

reports | Aug, 2018

INTRODUCTION   – Evolution of FM Service Facility Management (FM) has been one of the prominent sector longing for complete recognition over a long period of t...

KSA BUDGET – Fostering Diversification From Oil Dependency

reports | Jan, 2018

INTRODUCTION   An aggressive budget by Saudi Arabia to lessen dependency on oil The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is on a spending spree to decrease their dependence on oi...

Smart Solutions Market: Focus Qatar

articles | Oct, 2017

Buy Full Report In today’s fast-changing world, smart solutions such as self-sufficient energy homes, efficient utility services, self-driving cars, smart healthcare ba...

Online retail in MENA – Ready to roar

articles | Oct, 2017

Buy Full Report This document is an article which covers the expected growth of online retail industry in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) by 2020. A Watershed Moment ...

2018 – A tipping point for online retail in the Middle East

articles | Oct, 2017

As highlighted in our previous paper, “Understanding the inflection point for Online Retail”, indexing from the year when online share crossed 0.5% of total retail, w...

Yellow Pages Going Online In Middle East

Case studies | Oct, 2017

The goal of the project was to develop a comprehensive market strategy for an online classifieds player in the Middle East. The firm wanted to expand to a new geography a...