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The rise of Made in India digital content

reports | Apr, 2021

Short-form video user base is back to nearly 100% of pre TikTok ban, with strong loyalty to Indian apps

What is driving consumption on Netflix and other OTT platforms?

newsletters | Mar, 2021

Telecom bundling worked well for OTT video increasing number of subscriptions per year

Media: OTT Takes Centre Stage in SEA

newsletters | Mar, 2021

Regional players are giving a tough fight to global players like Netflix, curated localized content could prove key differentiator...

How 2020 changed OTT video consumption

newsletters | Feb, 2021

Higher releases leading to strong growth for Originals & movies consumption on OTT

What is the big deal about Short Form content ?

newsletters | Dec, 2020

This market which was initially created by Bytedance-owned TikTok, saw a massive void after the app’s ban in June. 40% of the market is now owned by Indian apps....

40% of TikTok’s India market captured by homegrown apps

reports | Dec, 2020

The number of Internet users in India set to grow to 970 million from current 600 million in next 5 years, Shortform market is also estimated to grow by 4x on total time ...