Online Retail Market Updates

newsletters | Apr, 2019

Small Kitchen Appliance market is pegged at USD ~1.5 Bn, with a growth rate of 6%… Published on: Apr 2019 … characterized by a large number of regional players, with ...

E-tailing Market Updates

newsletters | Apr, 2019

India’s online retail category mix poised for significant change in next few years Published on: Apr 2019 For the longest amount of time, India’s online retail scenar...

B2B Digital Services Landscape in India Impact on MSMEs

reports | Mar, 2019

B2B digital services in India are a market of USD 5.6 Bn and is set to grow by ~39% in the next 5 years

Smart clicks to win India’s online groceries & general merchand...

reports | Mar, 2019

E-tailing market in India is expected to reach ~USD 100 Bn by 2023 from USD 24 Bn in 2018

Impact of changes in Government FDI Regulation on India’s E-tail...

reports | Feb, 2019

Buy Report E-com FDI Policy Changes – A squeeze on market leaders and attempt to level playing field for small retailers Published on: Feb 2019   Over the past 5 y...

Stepping Into India’s Footprint

reports | Dec, 2018

Footwear has emerged as a distinct category with significant presence of retail as well as distribution brands

Disruption in Indian Furniture Retailing

reports | Oct, 2018

Furniture and furnishings retail in India has grown urbanization, increasing access to branded furniture steadily to become a USD 28 Bn...

Home Automation in India – Deep dive into the future trends of the m...

reports | Dec, 2017

The home automation market in India is expected to reach INR 8800 crore by 2017

Overview of Mattress Market in India

reports | Dec, 2017

The mattress market in India is around USD 1.7 Bn in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10% to reach USD 2.5 Bn by 2022

Health Food Drinks On A Road To Transition

reports | Dec, 2017

HFD in India was a USD 860 Million market in 2017

Indian Mobile Wallets Market

reports | Dec, 2017

Mobile wallet transaction volume has continued to expand significantly as user base continues to expand

Online Food Delivery maintains momentum in Q1’17

reports | Dec, 2017

Overall partner satisfaction witnessed a jump of 900 bps driven by business growth prospect

Kitchen Appliances Market

reports | Dec, 2017

The kitchen appliances market in India is estimated at INR 21,500 Crores in 2018

Changing Retail Landscape: Volume-2

reports | Dec, 2017

Market dynamics is clearly against the pureplay online players as they would be ending up, opening offline stores

Global Travel Retail – a booming industry

articles | Nov, 2017

Duty-free shops are retail stores where the nation’s or local taxes and duties are waived off on each product sold to the travellers who take these products out of the ...

Online retail in MENA – Ready to roar

articles | Oct, 2017

This document is an article which covers the expected growth of online retail industry in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) by 2020. DOWNLOAD HERE...

Changing retail landscape in India

articles | Oct, 2017

The retail industry has gone through tectonic changes over the past two decades with a slow transition from the unorganized sector to organized one. Expected growth in or...

Changing Retail Landscape – Volume 2

reports | Oct, 2017

Young customers with high disposable income are not consistent with their preferred search and purchase medium. This has confused retailers and marketers alike about the ...

Due Diligence On Child Care Omni Channel Retailer

Case studies | Sep, 2017

Modern consumer habits of the Indian consumers have graduated to a level that was difficult to formulate a few years back. Complex processes like Omnichannel have reshape...

Market sizing and opportunity assessment for a leading Consumer goods ...

Case studies | Aug, 2017

Kitchen cabinet market has erupted as a successful division of the home furniture segment in India. Gone are the days when kitchen remodelling used to be a concept only l...

Benchmarking the Distribution in India for a leading French major in a...

Case studies | May, 2014

  India is one of the fastest growing alcohol markets in the world. A swift increase in the urban population, a sizable middle-class population with rising spending ...

Landscaping And Opportunity Scoping For Retail Stores For Food

Case studies | May, 2014

Grocery in the most important day to day necessity of every household. Every family needs an adequate amount of grocery every day for survival. Starting from small kirana...