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The market information in this Report is arrived at by employing an integrated research methodology which includes our proprietary big data sources, primary research and secondary research. Our primary research work includes surveys and in-depth interviews of customers and other relevant participants in the ecosystem, and consultations with various market participants and experts. In addition to the primary research, quantitative market information is also derived based on data from trusted portals and industry publications, some of which is also available in the public domain.

Benchmarks is a tech-product vertical of RedSeer Management Consulting Private Limited (“RedSeer”). The information in this newsletter is inherently subject to limitations of, among others, secondary statistics, and primary research, and other significant risks and uncertainties beyond Benchmarks control, and accordingly the findings do not purport to be exhaustive. Benchmarks estimates and assumptions are based on varying levels of quantitative and qualitative analyses from various sources, including industry journals, companies’ reports and information in the public domain. Benchmarks research has been conducted with a broad perspective on the industry and will not necessarily reflect the performance of individual companies in the industry. Benchmarks shall not be liable for any loss suffered by any person on account of reliance on the information contained in this Report.

While Benchmarks has taken due care and caution in preparing this Report based on information obtained from sources generally believed to be reliable, its accuracy, completeness and underlying assumptions are subject to limitations like interpretations of market scenarios across sources, data availability amongst others. Therefore, Benchmarks does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the underlying data or this Report.

Forecasts, estimates and other forward-looking statements contained in this Report are inherently uncertain and could fluctuate due to changes in factors underlying their assumptions, or events or combinations of events that cannot be reasonably foreseen. The forecasts, estimates and other forward-looking statements in this Report depend on factors like the recovery of the economy, evolution of consumer sentiments, the competitive environment, amongst others, leading to significant uncertainty, all of which cannot be reasonably and accurately accounted for. Actual results and future events could differ materially from such forecasts, estimates, or such statements.

Benchmarks provides this Report, and any information and data conveyed in connection with such Report, on an “as is,” “as available” basis, without representations or warranties of any kind whatsoever, expressed or implied. Our analyses are subject to change at any time as new or additional data and information is received and analyzed. Benchmarks undertakes no duty to update its analyses, or to provide supplemental information to any individual or entity receiving Benchmarks analyses.

RedSeer is not a registered as an investment advisor, research analysts or a broker dealer. This Report, and any other information or data conveyed in connection with this Report, is intended for informational purposes only. This Report is not a recommendation to invest/disinvest in any entity covered in the Report and this Report should not be construed as expert advice or investment advice within the meaning of any law or regulation. You should consult your own investment, legal, tax and/or similar professionals regarding your specific situation and any specific decisions.

It is further clarified that in the ordinary course of its business, RedSeer through Benchmarks or any of its other verticals, may at any time provide services to entities mentioned in this Report (if any) and their shareholders, as applicable. Benchmarks is not acting as a fiduciary to any person in respect of this Report, nor shall this Report give rise to any duties which would preclude or limit in any way the ability of Benchmarks (including its various divisions and businesses) to provide services to any customers, or otherwise to act on behalf of said customers.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, nothing in this Report should be construed as Benchmarks providing or intending to provide any services in jurisdictions where it does not have the necessary permission and/or registration to carry out its business activities in this regard. No part of this Report shall be reproduced or extracted or published in any form without Benchmarks prior written approval.

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