RedSeer helps our Healthcare clients in being more responsive in a rapidly evolving market. RedSeer supports their decision-making mechanism with its own brand of Agility, Accuracy and Analysis, all of which is rooted in an in-depth understanding of the market dynamics.


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Why India’s Healthcare Industry Is Ripe For Disruption!

articles | Jun, 2015

The biggest disruptions in Indian B2C e-commerce systems so far have happened in the areas of “Roti, (remember the times when we had 10’s of menus stored in a drawer for ordering) Kapda, aur (this refers to apparel and e-commerce in general) Makaan (there was a time when the sole flow of information came from … more

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Go Micro to achieve macro profitability

newsletters | Feb, 2020

Internet companies are driving multiple profitability streams, which require focused efforts in the right geographies for effective results.

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Newsletter : Indian ‘E-Health’ at a tipping point

newsletters | Feb, 2020

Healthcare industry is supported by a complex supply chain with multiple providers, providing out-patient & in-patient care to consumers

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The cost of being unhealthy RedSeer perspective on productivity loss d...

reports | May, 2019

Productivity loss due to the health and lifestyle habits of employees cost ~INR 24,000 Cr every year to the IT industry in Bangalore

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RedSeer helps Healthcare companies take swift and decisive action in the face of an evolving marketplace, complex regulatory environment and volatile customer decisions. Our approach and recommendations are highly customized and lead to practical actions.

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Location Strategy For An Upcoming Chain Of Day Care Hospital

Case studies | Feb, 2015

Daycare hospitals have come up as a new breed of hospital format mushrooming in the treatment sector. The specialised services available at these centres, personal attention ar...

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Roll-Out Strategy For Chain Of Dialysis Centres

Case studies | Oct, 2014

Dialysis is one of the first technological innovations in medicine and the only treatment that does not involve any operation or transplant and yet allows a patient with end-stage ...

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Feasibility Analysis and Modeller

Case studies | Mar, 2014

Redseer created a Feasibility Analysis Modeler for a large hospital chain. It has been designed as per the functionality procedures of the hospitals. This modeller can help the use...