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RedSeer helps our Healthcare clients in being more responsive in a rapidly evolving market. RedSeer supports their decision-making mechanism with its own brand of Agility, Accuracy and Analysis, all of which is rooted in an in-depth understanding of the market dynamics.


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India Diabetes Market Report

reports | Jan, 2022

Diabetes care market in India is ~$17 Bn in size as of FY21, expected to grow 3X+ to ~$59 Bn by FY31.

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Indonesia Healthcare: Omni-channel Aid

newsletters | Jun, 2022

HealthTech growth is likely to moderate going forward, we expect the sector to register an encouraging 40% CAGR growth between 2022-24.

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ID HealthTech: Long Run Growth

newsletters | Feb, 2022

With a large smoking population, Indonesians are prone to chronic diseases. Healthcare is a key focus area for the government.

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Technology Comes to Rescue the Diabetes Capital of the World

newsletters | Jan, 2022

Translating to a market size of ~$17 Bn in FY 21, the disease care market is expected to grow to ~$60 Bn in next 10 years

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RedSeer helps Healthcare companies take swift and decisive action in the face of an evolving marketplace, complex regulatory environment and volatile customer decisions. Our approach and recommendations are highly customized and lead to practical actions.

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Distribution Network revamp for medical equipment player

Case studies | Oct, 2017

  The client was a medical equipment player based in India. The client wanted to find out the potential market size and the growth prospects for the industry over the next ...

construction equipment market

Store rollout strategy for a chain of dialysis center

Case studies | Oct, 2017

Rolling out a new business model especially in the medical sector would require a deep understanding of the market dynamics and consumer preference. In a likewise study the client,...

construction equipment market

Location Strategy For An Upcoming Chain Of Day Care Hospital

Case studies | Feb, 2015

Daycare hospitals have come up as a new breed of hospital format mushrooming in the treatment sector. The specialised services available at these centres, personal attention ar...