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We work very closely with the food-tech companies in India and their investors. Helping them embrace the fast changing environment. We help our clients in measuring the gaps, identifying the opportunities and tailoring their offerings/strategies. All this through a massive in-house knowledge of the industry.


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A closer look at On-Demand Home Services

newsletters | Dec, 2019

Overall India e-mobility is slightly ahead of food tech in # orders/trips, with newer mobility models driving the growth

cosmetics industry

Food-tech Market Updates

newsletters | Oct, 2019

Subscription users of cloud kitchen apps show stronger platform loyalty (vs on-demand users) even when preferred dishes are unavailable Published on: Oct 2019 When preferred dishes...

cosmetics industry

Growth strategy for an internet kitchen

Case studies | Sep, 2019

The methodology involved conducting feasibility analysis of channels needed to achieve the target.

Our Belief

A new age hyper growth and competitive industry like internet needs a lot more than a good technology platform. A winning proposition requires – in-depth understanding of market dynamics, customer demand and adaptability to ever-changing competition positioning – all leading to a frugal business model.

At RedSeer we work with our proprietary IRA model to stimulate and create detailed market maps of internet industry on an ongoing basis. A unique way of having an in-depth understanding of the market which becomes the key lever of defining our service offerings for internet companies.

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City expansion strategy for a foodtech player

Case studies | May, 2019

This was to help a foodtech aggregator increase their city-coverage. The methodology involved creating a bespoke foodtech potential index of 2300+ Indian cities to identify the hig...

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Dormant user assesment for an online food delivery platform

Case studies | Apr, 2019

This was to help an online food delivery platform understand the reasons for users lapsing out of the platform. The engagement was driven through primary research - surveys and in-...

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Business plan support for an internet kitchen launch in India

Case studies | Oct, 2017

Our client wanted to launch an Internet Kitchen Service in a metropolitan city in India. The broad objective of the project was to understand the market scenario for online food de...