1. Fashion and BPC are leading the event with most discounts given

A key trend that was alluded to coming into the Black Friday event is the further inclusion of sectors such as Beauty & Personal Care and Fashion into the promotional offerings. The Fashion sector, specifically casualwear and sportswear, have seen the maximum average discount (46%) compared to other sectors.

2. Across sectors, >60% of the products are on discount during Black Friday

Fashion saw ~70% of its product go on sale as brands sought to grow their consumer base. This year was exceptional in terms of offerings to long-tail categories, fueled by a large consumer influx to these categories.

3. Mass brands strengthening their online presence by giving more competitive offerings

Average discount rate, % of Selling Price, 2021

Note: Premium Brand are those that sell products greater than x1.5 market average for selected category. Mass brands sell products at below or equal to market average.

This year also saw mass brands, providing more discounts compared to premium brands. The difference in discounts in electronics is much more than in others. This contrast can be associated with the electronics long-tail categories brands behaving similarly to fashion due to the fragmented supply.

4. New age brands are giving more discounts to gain market share across sectors

Average discount rate, % of Selling Price, 2021

Note: 1. New age brands are the brands launched 2015+. 2. Top 20 Companies in each Legacy and New Age Brands are analyzed

This year continued an ongoing pattern for the past years; New Age Brands are growing their market share throughout Black Friday. The difference is most pronounced in Electronics and Fashion categories. Also, almost all of the brands/retailers were giving high discounts on their platforms to gain traffic on their own websites/apps.


  • Sandeep is the Partner of Redseer Strategy Consultants looking at the Middle East and Africa. He has 13+ years of experience in consulting and technology.