1. We have ~1.5Mn schools in India

No. of Schools & Enrolments in K12, 2019

Our research showed that there are over 300 million students across K12 and higher education. 270 million students are enrolled into ~1.5 million K12 schools which can be categorized among government schools, private aided schools which receive support from Government and the private non-aided schools which run without any Government support.

2. Out of which only 15-20% schools had working computers pre-covid

No. of Schools in K12 with computers in working condition, Pre Covid Estimate

A paltry of 15-20% of the schools had working computers, before the pandemic. As the above chart shows, majority of the schools in India are Government-run which caters to most number of students across the country, but merely around 250K of these schools had computers in working condition, while the private schools comparatively fared better.

3. The good news is that 80% of them adopted various technology tools to continue education

​Level of technology adoption among education institutes (K12) after Covid

But, with the pandemic the scenario quickly changed. As the lockdown began, schools shutdown but gradually they started digital channels to communicate with the students. WhatsApp, live classes, pre-recorded content were some of the ways to impart knowledge. Months into staying indoors, and these schools are now already using advanced technology like teach-centric tools, cloud to ramp up scale, admin management tools among many others.

4. What lies ahead is a large opportunity across 4 pillars for players to tap into and help these ~270Mn students

Going forward, we expect these institutions to focus even more on teacher centric products which will help them perform better. Regional language support with device access to assist the students further. Along with experimenting on different models to enhance the students learning online.

Hence creating a massive opportunity for technology players in the education domain to tap into and make education more accessible.


  • Aditya Agrawal holds 14 years of experience in consulting, marketing, management, and growth strategy. At Redseer Strategy Consultants he steers the consulting business on emerging sectors.