1. MAU growth seen for OTT Audio in June, while OTT video and Shortform undergo a slight correction

Content Platforms, MAU (Indexed to 100)

Jan 2020 = 100


  • OTT Video has witnessed a slight drop in Topline
  • Shortform, engagement on the app saw a rise till the second week of June

2. New support levels for OTT video, downtrend for Short Form, recovery seen for OTT Audio in terms of time spent by users

Content Platforms, Time spent (Mn mins) per day (Indexed to 100)

Jan 2020 = 100


  • OTT Video is well below its April-May highs and is trying to plateau at new normal levels
  • OTT Audio, has shown signs of stability with streams and engagement sustaining at the support levels

3. Higher user satisfaction can be seen across platforms

Online Content NPS: (NPS = % Promoters [9-10] – % Detractors [1-6])

% of respondents, N = 955 (Pre Covid), N = 995 (During Covid)

With a plethora of originals being released across OTT video platforms, there has been a significant boost to the customer satisfaction. Innovative hashtag campaigns, Live events, etc have boosted the NPS as well. With new features such as Podcasts, OTT audio too has seen a growth in the user satisfaction

What’s driving the sentiment?

While July turned to be a decent month for the OTT Audio space, which witnessed a recovery. For the OTT Video and Shortform sector, it was a month were new normals were established in the post covid world.

Traveling users are a major cohort that assimilates OTT Audio and this cohort started moving out as the lockdown restrictions were being eased.

OTT Video witnessed a slight drop in Topline as people got busy with their routine thereby investing less screen time.

Shortform sector, primarily driven by Chinese apps saw some backlash from the users towards the second half of June witnessing a churn and reduction in engagement towards the last week.


  • Rohan Agarwal has been a part of the Redseer Strategy Consultants journey for over six years. He is an expert in digital strategy for traditional corporates and start-ups.