1. Festive periods account for ~40% of annual e-tail in MENA

MENA E-tail Monthly Trend, Actual Monthly Sales – USD Mn, 2021 and 2022

Note(s): 1. Ramadan Sales season starts from March 25th to May 8th 2. Ramadan contribution % refers to trailing 12 month

The distribution of MENA e-tail revenue speaks volumes in terms of its maturity level. The market is still relatively concentrated around major retail events such as Ramadan and Black Friday that account 40% of Total year sales. Ramadan 2021 represented the first sign of market maturity as consumers grew more experienced and orders became more spread out throughout the year.

2. Time spent at home increases; time spent on Digital Media consequently shoots up

Digital Media Daily Time Spent Split – 2022 (F), In %

Ramadan changes consumer behavior significantly with digital media being a primary gainer in terms of online time spent. This added share varies across channels with shortform video being a key category to lookout for.

3. Compared to regular days, Ramadan days are expected to see 23% shoot up in sale

UAE E-tail Ramadan vs Regular Days GMV Comparison Daily GMV- USD Mn, 2019 – 2022 (F)

Another theme that is emerging is the difference in category seasonality across the Ramadan period. This year, we anticipate even bigger sector gaps and different fluctuations for each sector.

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UAE E-tail Ramadan vs Regular Days GMV Comparison Daily GMV- USD Mn, 2019 – 2022 (F)


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