With the onset of the pandemic, mobility faced tough times in 2020. The sector, however, had recovered 63% compared to Pre-Covid days with an overall of 71 million rides in January 2021. As things were slowly returning to normalcy, mobility was seeing a better recovery.

Here we have captured a few latest insights on how the sector recovered in March and in the last quarter. But, with the new developments, the recovery is likely to dip around 30-40% in the coming months as multiple states go into lockdown and are facing curbs on movements.

1. Mobility recovered 69% with overall 78 million rides

E-Mobility: Monthly Rides- Growth Recovery Curve (Indexed to 100), Jan 2020 = 100, Jan ‘20-March’21

Mobility recovered 69% with an overall of 78 million rides. This has been a gradual increase but is inevitably still lower compared to Pre-Covid days.

2. Autos show the highest recovery

E-Mobility: Monthly Rides- Growth Recovery Curve (Indexed to 100), Jan 2020 = 100, Jan ‘20-March’21

Autos recovered the highest clocking 25 million rides. However, it has still not recovered completely as compared to the Pre-Covid days. The trend continues as it poses lower risks of contracting the virus.

3. Cabs continue to dominate the market while autos gained sizeable market share

Mobility category share, by no. of rides, Q-O-Q, %

Note: Market size includes 3 players Ola, Uber and Rapido

Drivers for growth in Q1CY21-


  • After more than 9 months of lockdown, many offices resumed at 50% capacity leading to high growth in the category
  • As the second wave of pandemic struck, Mar’21 again witnessed a decline in the no. of rides


  • Auto has been the highest growth category and gained significant market share in the sector
  • Drivers shifted to online platforms seeking more demand

Bike Taxis

  • Growth in the segment has been slower than others as the scare of the pandemic hit again

However, cabs continue to dominate the market with 40 million rides in March 2021. While the sector saw gradual recovery, with the hit of the second wave, mobility will continue to see a decline in the coming months.


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