1. Online Education opportunity in Post K12 sits on the back of formal higher education and Lifelong learning market


  1. GER = Gross Enrolment Ratio 
  2. Government jobs test preparation and graduate admissions test preparation is excluded from above
  3. Higher Education users includes enrolments on govt. backed Swayam education portal
  4. Above user estimates are indicative for 2020– considers unique users across platforms

Online Higher Education & Lifelong Opportunity: Covid has been an unfortunate catalyst that has caused tailwinds for the online education sector. Online Education opportunity in Post K12 sits on the back of formal higher education and Lifelong learning market.

While in K12, there is a direct corollary to EdTech options i.e after-school tuitions; in higher education space, EdTech has led to creation of a new market altogether i.e. lifelong learning.

Although regulations have until now limited EdTech’s ability to offer degrees online, it still saw ~1Mn paid users in FY 20 across higher education and lifelong learning segments.

2. Recent regulatory developments marks a major shift in higher education and will enable accelerated growth in Indian online higher education

Regulatory developments in the higher education sector – India

NEP 2020 – Democratising Access to Higher Education: NEP 2020 marks a landmark shift for education in India, and will enable accelerated growth in enrolments for higher education and lifelong learning in India.

Allowing universities to offer degrees online coupled with unbundling of higher education by creating a credits bank, truly democratises the access to higher education. These along with other recent regulatory developments levels the playing field for online education in India.

3. With changes in regulations, the addressable opportunity for Online Higher Education and continuous learning has grown ~6x – contingent on proposed rules in NEP 2020 being implemented

TAM and Serviceable Opportunity: Online Higher Education & Lifelong Learning

No. of individuals, Mn, 2019 – 2020


  1. Serviceable Market refers to individuals access to internet and willing to try online/ distance education and life-long learning that can be served by EdTech within regulations

Govt. intervention in higher education increases the addressable market by ~6x for online education: With the proposed regulatory changes, the serviceable opportunity for online players in higher education increases ~6 times to cover the overall formal higher education market.

Allowing to offer degrees and unbundling through creation of academic bank of credits will enable further supply and innovation in the market.


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