1. OTT market has seen ~2x jump in the userbase compared to Pre-Pandemic times

A key trend that was alluded to coming into the Black Friday event is the further inclusion of sectors such as Beauty & Personal Care and Fashion into the promotional offerings. The Fashion sector, specifically casualwear and sportswear, have seen the maximum average discount (46%) compared to other sectors.

Note(s): 1. Do you have online video subscription of any OTT platform? 2. How frequently do you use long form on an average week?

The number of OTT subscriptions increased by 1.6 times during Q3 2020 as lockdown measures forced many to seek alternative means of entertainment. Even in the post-pandemic period, the adoption is high (half of the adult internet population have OTT subscriptions) with a high frequency of usage ( ~4 times a week).

2. In addition to this, the average OTT user time spent has increased by ~4 hrs in a week, compared to early 2020

Note(s): 1. How much time do you spend on online video platform daily?

Both the number of users and average OTT time spent have shot up simultaneously. This trend indicates that these new users are not only acquainting themselves with the platform but are also thoroughly engaging the content.

3. Global players like AZ prime and Apple TV have seen highest increase in usage, while Netflix has the highest userbase

Note(s): 1. Which of the following apps do you use for long form content?

Global players are performing well in the UAE market because of high-quality content in non-Arabic language, competitive pricing, and enhanced experience (integration of OTT platform with other player services).

4. Players are following different strategies to drive more value from customers

There are plenty of key trends playing out within the OTT landscape, as different players double down on various business models. IPTV services, dubbed content, and quality originals are some of the key trends that will drive the market.


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