1. Q-commerce is defined by fast delivery within 2 hrs. from local shops, restaurants, and dark stores

Quick Commerce provides more convenience to customers with its instant and doorstep delivery, curated selection of products.

Although a wide array of product segments are serviced through the quick commerce model, the F&B segment commands a large share currently.

Q-commerce Category1 Segmentation

Note: This document focuses on product-based sectors only and doesn’t include services

2. MENA Q-commerce market is expected to reach $20 Bn by 2024

2020 proved to be a landmark year for Q-commerce adoption as the pandemic proved to be a tailwind for two major sectors in Q-commerce – Food Delivery and e-Grocery. The e-Grocery market saw 4x growth in 2020 and the need for instant delivery was strong in this segment.

On our estimates, the Q-commerce market will cross the USD 20 Bn mark in the next 3 years.

MENA Q-commerce1 Market Size,

USD Bn, 2018 – 2024 (F)

Note(s): 1. Q-commerce is defined as delivery of goods within short period of time usually around 1-2 hrs

3. Food delivery accounts for majority share in this market but Grocery and other categories contribution is rising rapidly

Food delivery accounts for the lion’s share of the Q-commerce market currently, however e-Grocery has grown leaps and bounds over the last two years. Other adjacent categories are also starting to figure prominently in the mix.

MENA Q-commerce1 Sector Split

USD Bn, 2018 – 2024 (F)

Note(s): 1. Q-commerce is defined as delivery of goods within short period of time usually around 1-2 hrs


4. Within e-tailing alone, instant Delivery is expected to contribute to 8% of GMV in the next 3 years

8% of e-tailing GMV in 2024 in MENA will be fulfilled through the Q-commerce model. This is a massive jump as in 2018, this number was ~1%.

4 different business models have been driving up the Q-commerce market –

1. Omnichannel Retailers
2. Hyperlocal Players
3. E-Tailing Horizontals
4. Specialist e-Grocers

Each of them have a sizable presence in the segment, however we see some strong moves playing out over the last couple of quarters.

MENA E-tail Market Split by delivery type

% of GMV, 2018 -2024 (F)

Note: Q-commerce excludes food delivery and courier services

The trends in MENA are quite different to what we’ve observed in some other regions like Southeast Asia and India for that matter.



  • Mrigank leads business research and strategy engagements for leading internet sector corporates at Redseer Strategy Consultants. He has developed multiple thought papers and is regularly quoted in media and industry circles.