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Jul, 2022     

The MENA Digital Media Revolution is already Underway

MENA Digital Ad Market to reach ~ $6 bn in 2022

1. Prior learnings paint the roadmap for MENA’s Ad market

Initially, marketers’ main goal was to ensure maximum reach and diversify their marketing channels equally between all available online & offline means. As more consumer-centric methodologies become available and retailers uphold the value of data acquisition, digital marketing typically evolves to capture far greater market share.

Both China & USA markets arrived at an overwhelming dominance of the online channel for digital advertising 3 years after reaching market equilibrium in 2016 & 2019, respectively.

2. MENA Digital Ad Market to reach ~ $6 bn in 2022

This year, a similar phenomenon is expected to occur in MENA, with digital advertising reaching ~63% of the overall marketing spend contribution. This rapid evolution mirrors that of other global markets and is driven by the rapid adoption of shortform content (videos < 2 min) and increased digital time spent across MENA nations.

3. The market is transitioning from reach to conversion


The evolution of digital marketing and changing market shares come at a time when marketing itself is evolving from reach & maximizing the target audience towards conversion & relevance to this audience at an individual level.

This further emphasizes consumer data, engagement, as well as brand/retailer apps & social media.

4. Short Form Video is by far the most influential media content format

With relevance and conversion being put at the format, this further boosts the Shortform market within MENA, given the content’s highly engaging and addictive nature. Shortform being the most influential content category reflects upon consumers’ needs of acquiring product information in a fun & lighthearted manner while simultaneously avoiding generic advertising.