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Published in June, 2020

Executive Summary

Analyst Reports

What are Analyst Reports?

Analyst Reports help clients and the ecommerce ecosystem delve deeper into data to provide actionable insights that define CXO agendas. Furthermore, these quarterly reports also help decision makers understand key trends, challenges, and opportunities that influence actions.


1. Deep expertise in Internet – RedSeer has deep expertise and experience in the internet space. With several years of research and analysis of new-age internet companies, RedSeer has helped its clients in various business areas and made them grow / scale.
2. Strong Research and Expert Network – We take pride in our Innovative and Proprietary research methodologies that span 100k+ primary surveys and access to 500+ experts in the internet sector.
3. Highly accurate data and Insights – Redseer understands that the ability to make effective business decisions depends on the availability of accurate KPIs/metrics and granular analysis of the same. With use of technology and a highly robust data collection process, we ensure our data is accurate and reliable.

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    1. Top-line Performance
    1.1. MAUs
    1.2. DAUs
    1.3. Stickiness
    1.4. ARPU

    2. Platform Share (Top 3-5 Players) basis overall time spent

    3. Category Mix
    3.1. K-12 users
    3.2. Post K-12 Users
    3.3. Grade wise split for K-12 Users
    3.4. Sub-category split for post K-12 users

    4. Customer
    4.1. Number of Sessions per User per month
    4.2. Time Spent by per Day per User
    4.3. Time Spent by per Session
    4.4. User Base
    4.4.1. Total student population
    4.4.2. Total User Base
    4.4.3. Existing Paid users
    4.4.4. New paid users added every month / quarter

    5. Bottom-line metrics
    5.1. Revenue
    5.1.1. Subscription Revenue
    5.1.2. Advertising Revenue
    5.2. Content Cost as a %age of Revenue
    5.3. Advertising and marketing costs as a %age of Revenue
    5.4. People and Admin costs as a %age of Revenue
    5.5. Cash Burn as a %age of Revenue

    6. Customer Satisfaction
    6.1. Overall NPS
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