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Ground Zero | 3rd edition || Re-e-tail : Reimagining new retail

Published in Oct 2020

Executive Summary


With more than three months since the last ‘Unlock’ , India Internet has been recovering to pre-COVID levels swiftly- as multiple consumer indicators of usage, satisfaction and retention clearly show.

At the same time, India’s $900 Bn retail sector (2019) has been going through momentous changes of its own post COVID across all three retail channels:

  1. Unorganized retail/kiranas being disrupted by fast growing eB2B market
  2. eCommerce growing rapidly and on track to cross $ 100 Bn in GMV in next few years
  3. Organized offline retail evolving for the new normal post COVID

Given this dynamic interplay of supply and demand trends, the next few years of Indian retail will be potentially one of the most exciting and disruptive ever, and the retail market that will emerge on the other side post 2025 will be significantly more:

  1. Digitally disrupted
  2. Consumer friendly
  3. Nimble and more ready to face the market disruptions
  • See: Inside the Report

    1. How is India Internet placed in Sep 2020
    1.1. Overall consumption and retail trend m-o-m till Sep 20
    1.2. Consumer sentiments regarding future spending recovery- expected time of spending recovery
    1.3. India Internet stack- Q-o-q evolution over 2020 including at a category level
    1.4. Online penetration trends- how it has evolved post COVID across the sectors
    1.5. India Internet consumer usage growth during 2020- and how it is evolving at category level
    1.6. India Internet consumer NPS trend during 2020- and how it is evolving at category level
    1.7. India Internet consumer retention trend during 2020
    1.8. CAC trends for India Internet

    2. Re-e-tail : Reimagining a new retail for India
    2.1. Understanding India's new retail stack and how it will evolve over CY20-25
    2.2. Why eB2B is now and the future- size and growth of eB2B market by category and kiranas perspective on eB2B
    2.3. eB2B-Brand partnerships- Key benefits of partnering, case studies and examples
    2.4. India eCommerce Pre-festive season 2020- Size and growth till Sep 20, category level growth trends til date, region and platform-type level growth trends
    2.5.eCommerce Festive Season 2020- Forecasts on overall and category/city tier growth, perspectives of consumers on festive season
    2.6. Next wave of e-tailing: Consumer survey perspectives of the latent e-tailing users on their key needs from eCommerce
    2.7. The new competition dynamics of eCommerce/eGrocery- Unpacking performance of the major 2020 disruptors and outlook for future
    2.8. Deep dive into innovative eCommerce models that are building eGrocery and eCommerce for the future
    2.9. (Special feature 1) Understanding D2C Landscape in India - size and growth of D2C by category, consumer perspectives

    3. Perspectives on India's organized retail and how retailers are restructuring themselves for a post COVID world
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