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Home Healthcare in India | A promising $12 Bn opportunity by FY25

Executive Summary

Consumers have multiple pain points with existing hospitals services, which are being effectively addressed by the home healthcare (HHC) sector. Home healthcare sector is likely to reach ~$11-13 Bn spend by FY 25, led by high consumer receptiveness, doctor’s acceptance and insurer sentiment (also validated with global markets). Organized HHC business models brings in significant benefits to all stakeholders, which will drive the organized HHC market to grow at 50%+ CAGR over next 5 yrs. Organized HHC space has a variety of business models, out of which, Critical care vertical models are likely to be sustainable – led by superior quality service, better ability to onboard new users and stronger profitability potential

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    1. The rising need for home healthcare in India

    1.1. Healthcare market size, growth projections & key drivers

    1.2. Patient challenges with existing hospital services

    1.3. Home healthcare value prop - key services & categories covered


    2. Market sentiment towards home healthcare in India

    2.1. Home healthcare market size & growth projections

    2.2. Home healthcare growth drivers deep dive

    2.2.1. Increasing consumer receptiveness (user + non user perspective)

    2.2.2. Rising doctor's acceptance of home healthcare

    2.2.3. Insurer's willingness to cover home healthcare treatment

    2.2.4. Headroom for growth, considering global evolution


    3. The Rapidly-growing Organized Home Healthcare Space

    3.1. Organized Home Healthcare Market Overview & growth drivers

    3.2. Organized Home Healthcare Market Sizing & growth projections

    3.3. Organized Home Healthcare Business Model Classification

    3.4. Organized Home Healthcare Business Model Benchmarking & sustainability assessment

    3.5. Key organized Home Healthcare player case studies
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