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Kiranas- The lifeline of ~$1Tn Indian Retail

Published in Jun, 2020

Executive Summary

13 Mn Kiranas –  The Backbone of the $1Tn Indian Retail Sector

Indian retail economy is on a strong growth path to reach $1.3 Tn in the next 5 years; 13 Mn Kiranas form the backbone of this Retail in India. Kiranas have specially prooved their resilience in the recent times of Covid on merits such as accessibility/reach, home delivery, localized experience, selling on credit, support from the govt. etc.

These Kiranas have various business as well as financial needs such as inventory management to reduce cost of operations, transparency in pricing and newer revenue streams, effective support on Credit, Credit Management, GST support, Digital Payments and so on.

To address these issues various business models have come up. While multiple eB2B models have come up on the fintech and retail side already who are trying to act as one stop shop for all Kirana needs, the interesting bit is the sector convergence happening with certain other B2C sectors.

Driven by the above, Digital models will drive the ‘Phygital’ kiranas and enhance the potential of the channel to further bolster its role in the strong Indian $1Tn Indian Retail economy.

This report also covers sector-level insights such as Kirana Store Business Model as well as player-level insights such as or related to udaan revenue, dunzo Business Model, Jumbotail business model, shopkirana business model and Jio Mart business model, among others.

  • See: Inside the Report

    1. Indian Retail Sector overview
    1.1. Retail market size (Forecasts for FY25)
    1.2. Retail market segementation by Organized & Unorganized
    1.3. Retail market segementation by product category
    1.4. Size of Kiranas in the Retail market

    2. Kiranas overview
    2.1. Defining Kirana and its various classes
    2.2. Kirana segmentation by class and city tier
    2.3. Consumer buying journey analysis viz a viz other channels
    2.4. Why Kirana plays a critical role in Indian Retail

    3. Digital revolution of Kiranas:
    3.1. Need gap analysis for Kiranas
    3.2. Digital models addressing the need of Kiranas
    3.2.1. Fintech, eB2B retail, Hyperlocal & E-commerce models

    4. Appendix:
    4.1. Fintech
    4.1.1. Kiranas behaviour in Fintech
    4.1.2. Leading Fintech players digitizing Kiranas
    4.2. e-B2B Retail
    4.2.1. Digital models in e-B2B Retail
    4.2.2. Leading e-B2B players digitizing Kiranas
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