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Nepal eCommerce – Scaling New Heights

Published in May, 2021

Executive Summary

Interesting perspectives on the online retail market

Nepal, a beautiful landlocked country, sharing its borders with two of the fastest-growing economies of the world, is a land of opportunities for eCommerce players. It is among the fastest-growing economies in South Asia that shows signs of economic recovery in 2021. Nepal retail sector is majorly dominated by Unorganized Retail, thus providing a massive opportunity to be captured by the online channel. In this report, we deep-dive into the retail market of Nepal, understand the Online Retail Landscape and map its future potential to reach USD 1Bn GMV by FY26.

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    1. Macro and Overall Retail Overview
    1.1. Macro Trends
    1.2. Retail Size
    1.3. Retail Growth
    1.4. Retail Split by Category and Geography

    2. Online Retail Landscape
    2.1. Consumer Digital Funnel
    2.2. Online Retail Split - model, category & geography
    2.3. Online Retail - Logistics Trends
    2.4. Online Retail - Payments Trends
    2.5. Online Retail - Unit Economics
    2.6. Regional Penetration

    3. Future Outlook
    3.1. Online Retail Evolution
    3.2. Regulatory Updates
    3.3. Online Retail Outlook
    3.3.1. Penetration
    3.3.2. Category Mix
    3.3.3. Geography
    3.3.4. Payments

    List of Charts:
    1. GDP Growth (2017-2020)
    2. Retail Spend and Growth (FY 21; FY16-FY26)
    3. Retail Market Segmentation (2019 vs 2020)
    4. Online Consumer Funnel (FY21)
    5. Online Retail Market Size (FY17 & FY21E)
    6. Nepal e-tailing growth outlook + FY26 Forecast (based on e-tailing CAGR vs Penetration)
    7. Formal e-tailing GMV (FY21)
    8. Formal e-tailing shipments fulfilled by captive logistics (FY21 & CY20) + FY26 forecast
    9. Formal e-tailing transactions by payment mode (FY19 & FY21)+ FY26 forecast
    10. Formal e-tailing penetration by categories (FY21 – Nepal, CY20 – India)
    11. e-tailing Unit Economics (2020)
    12. Online Consumer Funnel (FY26)
    13. eCommerce policy framework – Nepal
    14. Online retail market Size forecasts (FY21, FY24 and FY26)
    15. Formal e-tailing GMV Forecast (FY21 & FY26)
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