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Published in June, 2020

Executive Summary

Category Benchmarking

Why is it relevant?

Given the rapid adoption of online channel among the consumers across Metro, Tier 1 and Bharat is leading to increase in online penetration of various retail categories across Mobile, FMCG, BPC, Fashion, and others. Also, owing to safety and hygiene concerns in the post COVID world, brands across categories are going to increase their focus on online channel for reaching out to their target consumers which will provide further impetus to growth of online sales. Thus, it is important for industry stakeholders including brand, platforms, and investors to assess the online performance of various categories on a regular basis to keep ahead of the competition.

What does it offer to Customers?

1. Comprehensive Assessment of Category – Assess the online penetration of the category served by you with other surrogate and complementary categories.
2. Partnering with right Platform for Growth – See which platform is driving the overall growth of the category and is the right platform to partner with growth of your company.
3. Product Assortment Strategy for Platforms– View on product assortment strategy of platform and premiumization levers of the platform.
4. A Competitive Edge for Brands and Platforms- View on where you stand vis-à-vis competing brand/platform in overall online sales.

What is our Category Benchmarking Product?

1. Single-Click User Snapshot – An intuitive dashboard of online performance of category at a quarterly level with focus on leading brands and platforms for your category. Updated quarterly, this tool is powered by Microsoft BI and available as subscription and custom requirements.
2. Customizable Dashboard – Our product will reveal the volume and value sales of category at brand and platform level which can be customized at the click of a button.

How is it different?

1. Deep expertise in Internet – RedSeer has deep expertise and experience in the internet space. With several years of research and analysis of e-tailing players, RedSeer has helped its clients in various business areas and made them to scale.
2. Rich with primary and actionable data- With more 25 quarters worth of primary driven data and 5000+ hours of e-tail expert interactions, we gather rich analysis around performance of various categories across platform in overall e-tailing making our product reliable and actionable.

  • See: Inside the Report

    1. Online Penetration of key Categories
    1.1. Online size of categories
    1.2. Online penetration of categories

    2. Topline performance of Categories
    2.1. Overall online GMV of categories at Q-o-Q level
    2.2. Platform share of categories at Q-o-Q level

    3. Volume Sales of Categories
    3.1. Benchmarking of category across ASP and Item Shipped
    3.2. Overall item shipped of categories at Q-o-Q level
    3.3. Platform share of categories at Q-o-Q level

    4. Price Benchmarking
    4.1. Overall ASP of category
    4.2. ASP of category across platforms
    4.3. Q-o-Q ASP of category for each platform

    5. Performance of key brands (to be covered in Phase 2)
    5.1. Nature of the category- Fragmented/ Consolidated
    5.2. Share of top 5 brands in overall online sales
    5.3. Brand share of top 5 brands at Q-o-Q level
    5.4. Item shipped and ASP of leading brands
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