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Reliance Jio – Disrupting India Internet

Published in Jun, 2020

Executive Summary

​RedSeer’s perspective on Reliance Jio’s potential to make an impact in the India internet space, along with detailed view on the expected disruption from the entry / presence of Jio platforms in specific internet sectors.

Reliance Jio has truly disrupted the mobile internet space in India, acquiring a base of 400 Mn internet users and has become the leading mobile internet provider in the country, in a span of ~3-3.5 years. Jio now plans to ride on this promising opportunity through its online platforms across internet verticals like e-tailing (Grocery, Fashion), eB2B retail, digital content, digital payments, eHealth, Ed-tech and others. Post announcement of JioMart, Jio platforms has seen remarkable backing from global investors. Moreover, Jio enjoys strong brand trust among the Jio mobile internet users, which is significantly higher in Tier 2+ cities. Hence, the turf is quite promising for Jio to enable impact in the India internet space, but there is significant uncertainity around how Jio platforms will fare in the respective internet sectors. As part of this report, we’ve elaborated in detail on the business model, the existing play in sector, the potential impact in the near term and the opportunities / barriers that lay ahead for Jio platforms in the respective sectors.

This report also covers sector-level insights such as eGrocery sector opportunities as well as player-level insights such as or related to Jio market share, Jio Mart business model, Jio revenue, Ajio profitability and Jio ARPU, among others.

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    1. Reliance Jio's Potential to disrupt the India Internet Space
    1.1. Reliance Jio's disruption in the mobile internet space
    1.1.1. Reliance Jio's journey since inception, to become a market leads
    1.1.2. Market share in terms of internet subscribers & telecom revenue
    1.1.3. Jio user impact in the India internet funnel and disribution by city tier
    1.2. Investor & consumer sentiment towards Jio platforms
    1.2.1. Distribution of Jio platforms across internet verticals
    1.2.2. Investment landscape - total funding, key investory & investor sentiment
    1.2.3. Consumer perspective on awareness & willingness towards Jio platforms

    2. Jio platforms potential impact on India Internet verticals
    2.1. Jio platform deep dive across the following sectors - e-tailing (grocery), e-tailing (fashion), eB2B digital content, eHealth, Edtech, digital payments. Covering following elements across each sector:
    2.1.1. Jio platform's business model
    2.1.2. Customer perspective towards Jio platform
    2.1.3. Potential growth opportunities & barriers for Jio platform
    2.1.4. Impact on the market in the near term
    2.1.5. Takeaways for different models in the market
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