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Dec, 2016      |     ANIL KUMAR , UJJWAL CHAUDHRY

E-FMCG Market in India

Online FMCG in India is very nascent- pointing to a vast growth potential

Anil Kumar


ujjwal chaudhry

associate director

Study Background


Gathering insights on multiple aspects of the online FMCG/grocery retail market in India including :-

1.Shopping experience (Web and App)
2.Overall value proposition (Prices, availability, quality and variety)
3.Delivery experience ( Delivery time, packaging quality etc.)

Research Approach

RedSeer’s Integrated Research Approach TM , incorporating the following-

Note: 1. Sales/GMV related performance numbers are broad estimates
2. USD 1=INR 60 has been assumed across the deck

Disclaimer: The numbers and analysis quoted in the report have been developed through RedSeer research with industry experts and customer survey. The report is a fact-based study and should not be interpreted as a recommendation document.

FMCG/Grocery retail in India is a USD 450 bn opportunity- but online penetration is very low (0.1%)

Compared to other economies as well, online FMCG in India is very nascent- pointing to a vast growth potential

Compared to other economies as well, online FMCG in India is very nascent- pointing to a vast growth potential

We expect this USD ~0.6 Bn market (2016) to steadily realize its potential and grow to USD 5+ Bn by 2020

In the current market, BigBasket is clear overall leader with Amazon FMCG close behind

BigBasket had highest volumes and AOV in 2016; along with Amazon FMCG, it was the only player to record strong sales growth in 2016

BigBasket and Amazon FMCG drove sales growth in 2016 through new initiatives i.e. Express Delivery, Amazon Now and Amazon Pantry

Key developments in 2016


Majority of shoppers spend less than $ 17 ( INR 1000) per transaction when shopping for FMCG/grocery online

Most popular categories purchased online are grocery/staples and fruits and vegetables

App is the preferred shopping medium for most online FMCG/grocery shoppers

Prepaid orders continue to dominate the E-FMCG- a possible fallout of demonetization in Nov’16

RedSeer Consumer Excellence Study tracks satisfaction of online FMCG/grocery shoppers on 19 key metrics


Desktop/Web Shopping Experience

1.Design and Look
2.Speed of Loading Page
3.Ease of Navigation
4.Product Details
5.Checkout Process
6.Payment Gateway


App Shopping Experience

7.Design and Look
8.Speed of Loading Page
9.Ease of Navigation
10.Product Details
11.Checkout Process
12.Payment Gateway


Value Proposition

13.Attractive Price and Discounts
14.Product Quality
15.Product Variety
16.Product Availability


Delivery Experience

17.Delivery Time
18.Packaging Quality
19.Courtesy of Delivery Executive

Big Basket emerges as the clear overall favourite amongst online shoppers

RedSeer Consumer Excellence Study Q1 CY17- Survey Mix

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