Apr, 2017      |     By Anil Kumar , Ujjwal Chaudhry

Indian Mobile Wallets Market

Mobile wallet transaction volume has continued to expand significantly as user base continues to expand

Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar


Ujjwal Chaudhry

Ujjwal Chaudhry

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Five Key Dimensions for Assessing Sector Performance

Indian Mobile Wallets Market Q1-CY17- Executive Summary

Q1-CY17 carried forward the momentum of Q4'16 as the effect of demonetization continued to surge ahead for the mobile wallet market

Sector Assessment Scorecard: Q1-CY17 Performance

Mobile wallet transaction volume has continued to expand significantly as user base continues to expand

As people have adopted mobile wallets for everyday transactions, Average Transaction value decreased despite growth in overall Transaction Value

Even though daily mobile wallet usage declined with increased cash supply, sellers retained their wallet habit...

... which resulted in higher seller satisfaction with Ease of Usage and Payment Options

However, Commission and Seller Support remain concern areas for sellers

Overall Seller NPS increased as a significant portion of sellers' daily transaction has permanently shifted to mobile wallets

Despite a significant user base gain, individual customers are shifting back to cash transactions

With utilities segemnt having the highest usage of wallets for payments

With this larger and more diverse customer base, satisfaction with user experience has a taken a hit...

... however, wallets have improved on the core value proposition of making daily payments easier for customers

Overall customer NPS declined as wallet players reduced cashbacks and have struggled to meet user experience expectations

List of Paid Reports on Wallets– Q1 CY17

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